"I like the resources available in the membership. You need something, someone will have it. Need to gain knowledge in an area, the group will give it. Need help, more people will offer than you can possibly thank. This is such a diverse group with many many skills and they love to tell you where to go!”
-Appleton, Wisconsin

“I like the great folks I've met in my six years. In my Unit, at the International, at the Florida State Rally, Region 3 Rallies...People make it well worth the dues!”
-Martinez, Georgia

“I like that our unit here in Georgia has been very welcoming, and is actively recruiting new members. The rallies are packed with activity. Most appealing is that the unit is looking forward with optimism and not simply coasting on the past.”
-Atlanta, Georgia

“We're probably like most because we really enjoy the folks in our unit. We enjoy going to the rallies, visiting with everyone, the activities, meeting new friends, sharing ideas and experiences and going new places.”
-Common Sense, Texas

“I like the Vintage Club and the Ham Radio Club.”
-Jamestown, Tennessee

"I like the caravans. Seven so far. And people. Great people in the club.”
-Knoxville, Tennessee

“It goes without saying, the people are great. I also love being a part of the entire Airstream nation. It is a special place. At rallies, take or leave what you want.”
-York, South Carolina

“You're probably tired to death of hearing it, but it's the people in the local unit that makes us happy being members of WBCCI...and in our case it's those in the 4CU. It's just a great bunch of happy campers who know how to have a good time, accepts folks for who they are, and put more stock in camping and having fun together than they ever will in politics. Then there is the lore. Gotta say, that there is no other travel trailer (or trailering organization) that has the special history that the Airstream./WBCCI have. One only has to watch the movie "From Capetown to Cairo" to understand that.”
-Tucson, Arizona

“When I joined the WBCCI in 1995, I quickly learned that I was not a typical member for that time period. At the time, I was in my mid-30s so was quite a bit younger than the average member and I was also single (never married) meaning that my demographics were substantially different from most of the members that I met. I quickly learned that it made little difference how your demographics aligned with the "typical" member; rather it was the love of Airstreaming that formed the bond that created the Airstreaming/WBCCI family.

Over the years, I have missed very few International rallies and have participated in a number of formal and informal caravans. As a Free Wheeler, caravanning and rallying helped to make me feel like a member of the Airstream family...and even now that I have found my soulmate (at 51 years of age no less), we both enjoy Airstreaming and are anxiously looking forward to the coming travel season. Rallies, and the International Rally moreso than most, become the equivalent of family reunions for me as I have no remaining family other than my soulmate.

While the "group" activities of the WBCCI are not for all Airstreamers, I find that having access to the Rallies and Caravans have increased my enjoyment of both of my coaches tremendously.”
-Anna, Illinois

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