Dear First Timers,

Jan and I would like to thank you for registering for the 60th International Rally in Escanaba, Michigan. Everyone who attends the International Rally was once a first timer just like you. This year we are excited to have over 100 families attending their first International Rally. The first timer tips document should answer most of the questions you might have before you start your journey to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have also put together a seminar at the beginning of the rally just to answer any questions you may have and to ensure you have a great time!

Parking 600 rigs at the Fairgrounds is going to be challenging, but we have a plan that will work and all we ask is for your patience, remember we are all volunteers. Take your time setting up; this will be your home for the rest of the rally. The bag you receive from the welcoming committee (first stop when you arrive) will contain an information pack to get you through your first days on the grounds. Later, when you go through the rally registration, you will receive your rally program, your rally ribbon, which is your pass to all the events, a first timer’s ribbon because you are very special to us and a gift that we have selected to memorialize your visit to Escanaba.

See you in Escanaba,
Richard and Jan

Information on the First Timer Seminar:

First Timer Tips:
FAQ Rally Questions: FAQ Rally Questions

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Can I park with my buddy?
The parking team will make every effort to park you with your friends if you arrive together. Please plan to meet offsite and caravan to the grounds together.

How often are they going to pump-out?
The plan is to pump on a 4 day schedule.

Do I have to help or be there for my pump-out?
No, but if your valves are inside a compartment, leave that open on pump day to speed up the process. Also, have a clear path for the sanitation crew to get to your service access point. If the sanitation team cannot access your valves or access point, you will not be pumped that day.

Is there a pump-out station where I can do it myself, so it's more frequent?
Moving your rig during the rally is not advised and may not be possible. Transporting your waste in a tote to the dump station is the recommended procedure.

Are there bathrooms/shower houses near solar?
There are numerous bathroom/shower facilities on the fairground.

When will the rally agenda be ready for viewing?
The rally agenda is changing constantly. We will be releasing a list of confirmed events shortly.

For members parking offsite, will my vehicle that I drive to and from the rally be able to park fairly close to the rally activities?
The current plan is to use the bull pen for offsite parking during the rally. It is located a few hundred feet from the main building. There will also be a tram running during events to move people from this area to the main buildings.

How can I volunteer for a committee?
Julie at the club’s HQ should be contacted to volunteer. We will then get you in contact with a committee that has asked for assistance.

Will handicap parking help me get into the water, electric and pump-out camping area?
No, there are a limited number of electric sites available and these sites are currently reserved. Any member with documented special needs that have an electric site will be parked in the Handicapped section of the fairgrounds.

Will being an International, Region or Unit Officer give me a priority with registration?
No, all registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.

Do volunteers get priority with registration? (I have been in the band for 10 years!)
No, all registrations have been processed on a first come, first served basis.

What is the prospective parking date for the 2017 International Rally?
Your assigned parking date will be sent to you along with your registration pass.

Why don’t the International Officers plan better, and get a campground with more camp sites so more members can come?
Planning an International Rally begins 4 years before the event and it is necessary to book a site a minimum of 2 years ahead. The size of the facility is based on the size of the rallies at the time and the projected attendance. Based on projections made 3 years ago, a site with 400 spots was adequate. Every effort has been made to accommodate as many members as possible in 2017.

Do I have to park on my park date?
Parking days are assigned to ensure a manageable number of rigs are parked every day. We understand that because of the travel required to get to the rally, members will often arrive a day early or a day late. We will make every effort to accommodate these members. Please plan to arrive on your parking date.

Can I park on the fairgrounds before the rally begins?
The fairgrounds have public RV camping on a nightly basis for a fee payable to the fairground. However, if you are parked on the fairground when the club’s rental begins, you will be required to relocate to the bull pen to be processed and parked by the appropriate committees.

What do I do if I arrive after hours?
If you come to the rally after hours, follow the signs to the bull pen and park. Do not unhook as you will be parked as soon as the parkers return the next day. Please be ready to park when the parkers arrive.

Can I register for water, pump-out & generator and get on the standby list?
No, we are no longer accepting standbys.

Do you supply the generator or do I need to bring one?
No, we do not supply generators.

Does it have to be a quiet generator?
Please bring a generator that meets the National Park Service noise level requirements and always observe the generator hours (8am to 8pm). Your neighbors will appreciate a quiet generator.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the fairgrounds?
There is Wi-Fi in some buildings.

Are there activities for the children?
We have many activities planned for children.

I can only come for a few days, is there a daily rate?
For guest and member passes, it is $20 a day for 18 years and older, $7 a day for youth (13 -17 years) and a child 12 and under is free. Day pass attendees may attend all events on the calendar day they have paid for, but are not entitled to any complimentary promotional items or complimentary meals.

What if I want to just attend the IBT and/or delegates seminar/meeting?
Active members may attend any club business meeting at no charge. To attend any additional events, you will be charged the day pass fee.

Remember to bring: 
If your in Electric section you will have only 30Amp service, bring adapters for your rig.
50’ of electrical extension cord.

50’ of water hose (not garden hose that contain carcinogens)

Water hose “Y” (connectors without valves are best)

Where can I get my propane tank refilled?
Due to regulations there will not be any tanks filled at the fairgrounds.

Local Propane Vendors:

Hilltop RV
2509 North Lincoln Road
Open M-F 9 - 6 and Saturday 9 - 4

Bosk Equipment Rental
2100 North Lincoln Road
Open M-F 7 - 5, Saturday 7 - 5 and Sunday 8 - 1

Suburban Propane
6731 US Highway 2/41/M35
Open M-F 8 - 5

Mel's Lawn and Garden
1620 6th Avenue North
M-F 7 - 6:30, Saturday 7 - 5

Tractor Supply
2501 North Lincoln Road
M-Sat - 8 – 8, Sunday 9 - 7

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62nd WBCCI International Rally

July 20-27, 2019

Doswell, VA

More details will be announced at the 2018 Rally in Salem, OR

Category: 2019 Doswell, VA

Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center
2330 17th St NE Salem OR 97301

Salem Clinic Main   2020 Capitol St NE 503-399-2424
Salem Hospital – ER   890 Oak St SE 503-561-5200
Salem Hospital – Urgent Care   890 Oak St SE 503-561-5200
Emergency Dentist of Salem   436 Lancaster Dr NE 503-391-8920
Salem Health Urgent Care   1002 Bellevue St SE 503-814-5554
Zoom+ Care   2990 Commercial St SE #160 503-684-8252

Evergreen Veterinary Hospital   3962 Center St NE 971-599-5280
Hoffman Veterinary Clinic   2585 Lancaster Dr NE 503-585-6793
Animal Care Center Veterinary Clinic   5498 Commercial St SE 503-371-1988
Companion Pet Clinic 3  068 Lancaster Dr NE 503-588-1603
Pet Sitting:
Recommend downloading free Rover app
All Creatures Under The Sun   6787 Lipscomb St SE 503-585-1995
PetSmart   2925 Lancaster Dr NE 503-362-5325

Costco Groceries, Gas & Tires   1010 Hawthorne Ave SE 503-371-1729
Walmart Supercenter   3025 Lancaster Dr NE 503-378-7424
Fred Meyer   3740 Market St NE 503-585-1225
Safeway   1265 Center St NE 503-566-5540
Home Depot   3021 Cherry Ave NE 503-387-7130
Lowe’s Home Improvement   6225 Ulali Drive NE, Keizer 503-304-3010
Ferrellgas (Propane)   3825 Portland Rd NE 503-363-3445
Salem Center Mall   401 Center St NE 503-364-0495

EZ Laundry   4552 Commercial St SE 503-370-8280
Express Eco Laundromat   1046 Lancaster Dr NE 541-728-3715
Salem Laundromat   3084 Lancaster Dr NE 503-566-7990

*Fairgrounds Delivery: Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center
ATTN: your name, WBCCI #xxxxx
2330 17th St NE
Salem OR 97301
US Post Office   581 Lancaster Dr SE 503-375-7766
FedEx Office Print & Ship Center   2595 Commercial St SE #1210 503-375-6340
The UPS Store   3676 Commercial St SE 503-391-7075

Red Lion Hotel Salem   3301 Market St NE 503-370-7888 (Rally has rooms reserved here.  Click here for link.)
Best Western Plus Mill Creek Inn   3125 Ryan Dr SE 503-585-3332

Comfort Inn Suites   1774 Fwy Ct NE 503-588-0515
Days Inn Black Bear   1600 Motor Ct NE 503-581-1559
The Grand Hotel in Salem   201 Liberty St SE 503-540-7800
Shilo Inn Suites – Salem   3304 Market St NE 503-581-4001

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