• How long are caravans?
  • Pick a caravan that suits your needs and wishes. Caravans are often lasting from ten days to over two months.

  • How much does a caravan cost?
  • The cost can vary widely. It is dependent on the cost of facilities used and the quantity of events included in the Kitty Fee. In any case, WBCCI Caravans are operated AT COST and any funds not used are returned to the caravanners - this means that our per day cost is about 50% of what a commercial caravan can offer.

  • What kind of Caravans are there?
  • WBCCI Units, Regions and National sponsor caravans. Unit Caravans tend to be shorter in length and may be limited to local areas. Region Caravans often travel within the limits of an individual Region since the leaders may have intimate knowledge of that area. National Caravans that travel throughout the US, Canada (and soon to Mexico) tend to be extensive and repeated year after year if popularity demands it. WBCCI also conducts overseas Caravans in conjunction with the International Caravanning Association, these Caravans are advertised in the “Blue Beret” magazine.

    Read more: Caravan FAQ's

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