president feb 2018 

President's Corner

The Best Way to Predict the Future

For the 18th time together, Debbie and I watched Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. Do you remember the special gift Angel Second Class Clarence was able to provide George Bailey? George thought the world would have been better if he hadn’t lived at all. The angel-in-training provided George with a view of what the world would look like if George hadn’t been born.

The movie shows a world without George Bailey’s influence upon Bedford Falls and beyond. George then understood that every person’s little actions have positive influences locally and in the wider world. What if you didn’t contribute anything or try to improve anything? It’s a pretty unlikely prospect. Airstreamers impact people in ways we might never understand. You help create the future by your daily actions.  The Club’s seen change over its sixty plus years. It evolves just as Airstreams continue to evolve. For example, Airstreams improved from gas lamps, to incandescent bulbs, to LED lighting. We may agree not all changes are improvements but I like the new mattresses, flooring, fixtures and lighting, to name a few. Two big Club changes are in communications and membership records yet even these can continue to be improved. In Durango I recently saw a bumper sticker, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” It’s an old quote, but remains relevant.

Leadership created a long-range planning committee three years ago to improve the Club and find ways to implement changes. Planning for the Club’s future isn’t just a role for leadership or the Long-Range Planning Committee. Anyone with opinions and wishes regarding improvements, whether a better cookie recipe, a more engaging Airstream Club local unit, or an attractive and enduring International Club can help “predict the future” by getting involved. By helping create the future of the Club, you can shape what we become. It’s your Club! Do you want to follow the changes made by others or influence our Club as it changes?

We are spectators or participants. When the club began, people corresponded on paper, something a few of us still do occasionally. All their news was printed or on the radio. Television, for those who cared, had two or three stations in most locales. There were no cell phones, no email addresses, no banking ATMs and trucks were basic. Everything changes.

We wish sometimes things didn’t change, it would be easier to plan for our future. It’s a fact of life, change is inevitable. Banking’s different. Communication has changed. Newspapers are struggling to remain relevant. Many changes are improvements and not all spell the end of predecessor elements.  Change is not good or bad by itself. We Airstreamers prefer, as Wally said, improvements over change for the sake of change.

Let’s make improvements in how we serve our membership and community. Let’s identify and implement ways that allow new members to readily find the many ways the Club can help them enjoy their Airstream. Let’s live the dream with a focus on our club with rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel, fun, and personal expression. I’d like to know how you think the club can help you in living the dream.
Please let me know by writing to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or by letter to the central office). Remember, it’s your Club and the best way to predict its future is to help create it.

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