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President's Corner

Phases of a Member's Airstream Quest

Do you remember the thrill you experienced acquiring your first Airstream? You knew you were into something special. People talking to you about your Airstream amplified the joy you felt. Membership in the Wally Byam Airstream Club enhances this through rallies and caravans where you find many Airstreams and make new friends.

Is an Airstream your first RV? If so you likely spent time working through the rituals of RV operation. We often hear questions like “Where’s your water pump, where’s your fuse box? Do you have your hitch and mirrors set up optimally?” You were focused on learning about your new Airstream and taking it camping was a learning adventure. It was neat to go to rallies, see lots of other Airstreams, and learn more about yours.

Then you realized there are fun ways to decorate your Airstream. Members love to see the cool retro clock you added on an end of your Airstream’s roof locker. How did you install a stainless steel water heater door? How about that gorgeous Southwestern weaving you put on your Airstream’s table? It’s your Airstream and it suits you. Sharing how you’ve blinged up your Airstream is rewarding and fun. Open houses are a fun feature of rallies and caravans we attend. We make friends with other members while we compare Airstreams and mods.

The adventure at first was mainly about your Airstream . Over time that slowly changed. You bumped into Mary and Steve again at a rally and had fun stories to share. Then you saw Ed and Lynn and some other folks you know. Your interest at rallies subtly shifted. You found yourself looking forward to renewing friendships with these good people to share your travel stories and uh-ohs with. They understand and might make you feel better when they “top” your story with theirs.

Fifteen thousand of us all over Canada, Europe, and the USA are ambassadors of WBCCI and Airstream Company’s fine products. Members of WBCCI help attract wannabees to this great RV brand. We begin our journey learning about and enhancing our Airstream to suit us. We help each other learning, decorating and adapting our Airstreams to serve our style. Along the way we realize we’ve made friends with members from everywhere.

Club events continue to aid us in learning about Airstreaming and building meaningful relationships. Now, after years in the club you realize that it’s all about the friends and experiences that it provides. You look forward to the next rally or caravan not only for the new places and events but for the new and old friends you will meet. Of course, you want to see Bonnie’s new Atlas or Jerry’s Tommy Bahama. But you most look forward to seeing your friends and sharing stories. Airstreams have a long lifetime, and friendships are forever.

Please let me know how you think the club can help you better enjoy experiencing your Airstream quest by writing to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or by letter to the central office).

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