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President's Corner

The Stories Our Airstreams Can Tell

Some of the Airstreams you’ll see at the International Rallyin Salem traveled on storied caravans including The Around the World Caravan and The Capetown to Cairo Caravan. The Club’s Historical and Vintage Committees have worked hard to discover and document histories of our Airstreams and your Club. Nearly all Airstreams have stories to tell. We’re living our Airstream stories as we travel, whether with friends or off by ourselves as we find adventures planned and unplanned.

Perhaps you own the Bubble parked behind a house not far from ours. You bought it nearly new back in 1957 or thereabouts. You enjoyed many years of weekend travels, especially camping on the beach. You can still hear the surf crashing when it rolls in while wind whistles gently through the screens of your open windows. Your most memorable adventure may have been weathering a hurricane on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The pounding wind, you tell me, rolled upand right over your little Bubble and didn’t bother you or the boys a bit.

Or are you the couple in a 1969 Caravelle? You bought it new and used it all these years for your travels. You don’t mind towing, even though he can’t, so you can continue enjoying trips and rallies. Your longer Airstream tows smoother but recently you’ve parked it and enjoy staying in it when you return South for the Winter. You’ve kept the little Caravelle for traveling between Michigan and Florida and attending rallies.

We met you years ago at an Airstream park. You’d full-timed over eighteen years already, all of them full of great experiences. You’ve traveled all forty-nine continental states, seven Provinces of Canada, and had several memorable caravans in Mexico. Winters on the Atlantic Coast of Florida suited you both perfectly these days. Health problems briefly threatened your travels, but you were happy to have several more great years of living your dream.

We each contribute in our own ways to the legacy of Airstream lore. Collectively we’re part of over eighty years of Airstream travel adventures. How to preserve the memories?  Our Club’s Heritage Program helps us. The Historical Committee has been hard at work archiving photos and records of caravans from over fifty years ago. They’re also searching for extant Airstreams from caravans led by Wally Byam.

Let’s live the dream as we create and collect stories of travels in our Airstreams. You may have found an Airstream sitting under a shed or in afield or purchased one still actively used. Hopefully you’ll have the good fortune to learn some of the stories it holds. Whether your Airstream is one of the exciting new models Airstream is producing or an Airstream already carrying stories, you’ll have opportunities to create your own stories. The Wally Byam Airstream Club has compiled decades of great stories of members’ travels. Your Club continues as the world’s best means of promoting great experiences for you as you Live The Dream in your Airstream. Please let me know how you think the club can help you create your story by writing to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by letter to the central office.


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