The vast majority of WBCCI members who do not renew have belonged to the club only one or two years. Let’s think about why members do not renew and try to make our club more responsive to their needs.

Here are some ideas to try at rallies and caravans that will help units to retain members:

  • Designate a greeter at each rally – This position can be rotated among the members at each rally. The greeter must get up and go to vehicle to greet when members arrive.
  • Make a sign with a parker’s phone number displayed so that it is easily seen so that those members coming in late will have someone to contact. It is often our younger working members that have to come in late and nothing makes a person feel more unwelcome than sitting in a dark parking lot and not knowing whom to contact
  • One unit has a bell that they ring each time a member pulls in to the rally site. That not only makes the new arrival feel special, it alerts everyone that another member has arrived and they can all step up to say hello.
  • Use the Idea Book which can be found at the WBCCI web site to generate ideas for interesting and fun rallies and caravans. You may not want to use the specific ideas mentioned but those ideas may help you think of other things you’d like to try.

Some ideas from visiting other unit and region rallies and caravans:

  • “Stone Soup” salad. Have each person bring a salad ingredient that starts with the first letter of the person’s first name. Then put the ingredients together to make a delicious and interesting salad.
  • Send an email around to the members that let them tell what they are bringing to the main meal. Those that sign up first, of course, get first choice.
  • Send an email that includes a map of the rally site and allow the members to reserve a site from there. This will help them know where everyone is parking and who is attending.
  • Plan your rally from Friday to Monday so working members have activities available on Sunday and don’t have to drive long distances for one day’s rally.  
  • Research and publicize optional activities for children if your scheduled rally events don’t target young people.

Specially for New Members:

  • If there is a tour be sure the new members are asked to ride along with someone. They may choose to drive themselves, but be sure at least one person asks them to ride. It is better to have several ask them than to have no one offer a ride.
  • Be sure that new members are personally invited to happy hours. It may help to have these in a neutral spot – for example under a tree or on a porch rather than at a rig – as it is less intimidating to join a group that is in a neutral area.
  • Call new members to see if they’d like to caravan to rallies.
  • Send new members a digital map or link with directions to the campsite for their first rally.
  • Pair new members with a “mentor” of similar age or geographical area to help with questions.
  • Keep in contact with all members throughout the year – assign a committee to see that this is done. Call them if they are sick. Call them if they are not sick. Just be sure to call them! Email if you don’t want to call.

Treat everyone with the special treatment you would give a new member.

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