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Things change. The RVA no longer presents legislative information, concentrating more on their business values. I now receive information from the National DOT, which reviews many different traveling aspects pertinent to the Airstream population and from the National Park System newsletters. This is the first of that information. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating the airbags manufactured by Takata Mfg. Co. that have proven to have problems. Takata maintains the problems are related to manufacturing defects during the February 2007 period. Further investigation by NHTSA has determined the problem occurred during a longer period, affecting a larger number of vehicles from several different manufacturers. If you are concerned that your vehicle may be affected, use the NHTSA VIN lookup tool. Get the VIN number for your vehicle and go to, click on the VIN lookup button. If
your vehicle is on a recall list, contact your local dealer to arrange for repairs.
There is a new program sponsored by the government called BATIC (Build America Transportation Investment Center.) As I understand the program, it coordinates the best design features for bridges and roadways of the federal DOT with requirements of municipalities, state DOT’s, and indicates how to obtain financing by either the federal government, state governments and even private investment partnerships. The design work includes bridge designs, road design and road safety. Road safety includes round-abouts and something called DDI, (displaced directional interchanges.) Pennsylvania will be using this program to replace 558 bridges in about three years.
Hawaii just completed a seminar for pre-cast highway replacement. Sections of roadways are pre-cast off site and
brought to the work area during off hours when traffic and commuting are less severe.
South Carolina has just been granted an emergency five million dollar relief fund to replace roads and bridges that were lost during the recent deluge of rain.

GRS-IBS is a new program that uses geosynthetic reinforced soil, new bridge abutment methods and an integrated
approach to replace single span bridges. The method does not require using joint technology or cast-in-place concrete.
The system expects to reduce bridge replacement costs of from 25% to 60%, and reduce the installation time. If you would like more details on this method, google GRS-IBS.
While some of this information does not affect you today, keeping current with the ideas that underlie our transportation and highway systems can help you understand what the future holds.


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