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As soon as a future International Rally site is announced, the questions start flying. Where is that? How far is it? What's between here and there? Once we get to the Rally, what's scheduled? What is there to do, to see, or more importantly, to eatthere? Once the unknowns are answered the inevitable quandary of "do we go or not go" arises. Well, we're going to try to answer some of those questions for you and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  


So, where exactly is Huron?

Map Of Huron

What's between here and Huron? No matter which direction you are traveling, there are many historical, natural, and recreational opportunities (read: Airstream adventures) along the way.


What's on the schedule for Huron? The schedule isn't available yet, but comments about Sedalia on the page 1 in the sidebar will give you a glimpse of what to look forward to. For sure, there will be both new and old friends, a chance to learn more about your Airstream, and more activities than you can possibly pack into a week.


And finally, what does Huron have to offer?   

Let's be clear on one thing. There are no Huron Indians in Huron. The Hurons settled near the Great Lakes and Huron SD was named by a railroad executive, but you can Click HERE for more information on the many Native Tribal Lands that ARE in South Dakota.

Everywhere you turn in Huron you'll encounter "Murals on the Town," an artistic treat and history lesson in one. Twenty murals offer a visual history of Huron, including "Seeds of Democracy" representing the philosophy of a famous Huron resident, Hubert Humphrey.

Seeds of Democracy

More murals take you to "The Land Rush," "The Evolution of Medicine," "The Great Race" depicting a 1913 automobile race from Huron to DeSmit and back, plus a glimpse of "Driving the First Corner Stake" that formally established the town of Huron in 1880. If you're a photographer, you'll enjoy a walking tour of Huron in a variety of light conditions. If you're a historian, bring your Murals Guide from the Visitors Bureau, and if you're an artist, prepare for a lot of "hmmmm" moments.


View a slide show sampling of the Huron Murals with more complete descriptions.    




Wagon Mural Did we mention fishing for crappie, catfish, pike, walleye and bullheads, muskies, American eel, gizzard shad, freshwater drum and paddle fish in local lakes? Which brings us to the inevitable question of dining. Follow the  Huron Urbanspoon link to a variety of opportunities in that category. 


Pheasant hunting in the fall gives Huron the honor of being called the "Ringneck Nation" and displaying the world's largest pheasant, weighing in at 22 tons!  


The theme of the Huron rally is "It's a New Approach."  We think you'll enjoy a new take on fun, friends and adventure at Huron. If your interest is piqued, you can download the 2013 International Rally Registration form from the International Rally page of the WBCCI website.   


Not sure yet?  Tell us what else you'd like to know about Huron and we'll try to get you some more information. Or, check out Sally Elmlinger's series of articles on Huron in the Blue Beret.  


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