"I like the resources available in the membership. You need something, someone will have it. Need to gain knowledge in an area, the group will give it. Need help, more people will offer than you can possibly thank. This is such a diverse group with many many skills and they love to tell you where to go!”
-Appleton, Wisconsin

“I like the great folks I've met in my six years. In my Unit, at the International, at the Florida State Rally, Region 3 Rallies...People make it well worth the dues!”
-Martinez, Georgia

“I like that our unit here in Georgia has been very welcoming, and is actively recruiting new members. The rallies are packed with activity. Most appealing is that the unit is looking forward with optimism and not simply coasting on the past.”
-Atlanta, Georgia

“We're probably like most because we really enjoy the folks in our unit. We enjoy going to the rallies, visiting with everyone, the activities, meeting new friends, sharing ideas and experiences and going new places.”
-Common Sense, Texas

“I like the Vintage Club and the Ham Radio Club.”
-Jamestown, Tennessee

"I like the caravans. Seven so far. And people. Great people in the club.”
-Knoxville, Tennessee

“It goes without saying, the people are great. I also love being a part of the entire Airstream nation. It is a special place. At rallies, take or leave what you want.”
-York, South Carolina

“You're probably tired to death of hearing it, but it's the people in the local unit that makes us happy being members of WBCCI...and in our case it's those in the 4CU. It's just a great bunch of happy campers who know how to have a good time, accepts folks for who they are, and put more stock in camping and having fun together than they ever will in politics. Then there is the lore. Gotta say, that there is no other travel trailer (or trailering organization) that has the special history that the Airstream./WBCCI have. One only has to watch the movie "From Capetown to Cairo" to understand that.”
-Tucson, Arizona

“When I joined the WBCCI in 1995, I quickly learned that I was not a typical member for that time period. At the time, I was in my mid-30s so was quite a bit younger than the average member and I was also single (never married) meaning that my demographics were substantially different from most of the members that I met. I quickly learned that it made little difference how your demographics aligned with the "typical" member; rather it was the love of Airstreaming that formed the bond that created the Airstreaming/WBCCI family.

Over the years, I have missed very few International rallies and have participated in a number of formal and informal caravans. As a Free Wheeler, caravanning and rallying helped to make me feel like a member of the Airstream family...and even now that I have found my soulmate (at 51 years of age no less), we both enjoy Airstreaming and are anxiously looking forward to the coming travel season. Rallies, and the International Rally moreso than most, become the equivalent of family reunions for me as I have no remaining family other than my soulmate.

While the "group" activities of the WBCCI are not for all Airstreamers, I find that having access to the Rallies and Caravans have increased my enjoyment of both of my coaches tremendously.”
-Anna, Illinois

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The WBCCI is organized by geographic location. The local units form the heart of the club.  Units from each area comprise the 12 regions throughout the United States and Canada.

There are over 120 units including an overseas unit that was added in 2015, the Europe Unit. Each unit elects their own slate of officers each year. Units have their own Constitution and Bylaws. Units vary in size from 15 to more than 300 members.


There are 12 regions in the WBCCI. Each region also elects a president and officers who serve for two years.

WBCCI Officers make up the International Executive Committee. It is comprised of the International President, International First Vice President, International Second Vice President, International Third Vice President, International Recording Secretary, International Treasurer, and Past International President. International Officers are elected annually during the International Rally by the  delegate from each unit. Together, with the Region Presidents, they form the International Board of Trustees (IBT).

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WBCCI History

Pre-History:  The story of the Wally Byam Caravan Club begins with the man for who the club is named, Wally Byam.  Born in 1896, Wally was a traveler from an early age.  In the 1920’s he began building travel trailers for his own use. In 1931 he began selling trailers and the Airstream company was formed.  In 1936, Airstream built its first iconic riveted aluminum trailer.

Fast forward to 1951 when Wally Byam conceived the idea to lead a group of travel trailer friends on a trip to Central America.  After a magazine picked up the story, 63 trailers showed up to start the trip.  This group made it to Managua, Nicaragua before turning back.  The route was challenging and the roads often almost impassable, but the group safely completed the trip and the idea of group travel via trailer caravan was proven.  Participants quickly began asking when the next caravan would be.

Founding of WBCCI :  Wally Byam went on to lead caravans to Mexico and Canada in the following years.  Many caravanners were repeat participants and soon they wanted to form a club.  Wally eventually gave in and the Wally Byam Caravan Club was founded on August 3, 1955 in Nova Scotia during Eastern Canada Caravan.  The club soon introduced a new type of Airstream event, the “Rally”.  Rallies typically lasted a few days at a specific location and they opened up Airstream camaraderie to club members that did not have the time to take an extended caravan. 

The expanding of WBCCI - Units & Regions:  Shortly after the formation of WBCCI, local Units started to be formed within WBCCI, with the first Unit chartered in November 1955.  As WBCCI membership soared to eventually reach over 25,000 families by the mid 1970s, the number of units increased too, until over 170 local Units had been formed in the USA, Canada, & Mexico.  These units offered their own caravans and rallies and other activities.  In 2013 the Australia Unit became the first WBCCI overseas Unit and in 2015 the Europe Unit became the second.

In the mid 1960s, an intermediate layer of club organization consisting of 12 geographic, multi-state/province Regions was created.  These Regions quickly began offering their own caravans and rallies.

The expanding of WBCCI – Caravans & Rallies:  After the club was formed, caravans continued to became more frequent and destinations more exotic.  Caravans in the USA, Canada, and Mexico were offered every year and caravans to Central America were offered every few years.  Some caravans were truly epic adventures that received national and international media attention and required the shipping Airstreams and tow vehicles overseas:

  • 1956 & 1960 Europe
  • 1956 & 1958: Cuba
  • 1959-60: Capetown to Cairo (the length of Africa)
  • 1963-64: Around the World (Singapore to Portugal overland)
  • 1970 Jamaica
  • 1971, 1973, & 1977: Old World Europe
  • 1985-88: China (a series of 9 caravans over a 4 year period)

By the late 1950s, the club began organizing National Rallies and Special Event Rallies tied to events and festivals like the Rose Parade and Indianapolis 500 Race.  Some of these were one time offerings and others ran annually for decades.  They offered and continue to offer club members an easy way to attend these events without having to do all of the planning themselves.

In 1958 the first WBCCI International Rally was held in Bull Shoals, Arkansas with 300 Airstreams attending.  It was modeled after the International Trailer Rallies that Wally Byam had attended in Europe.  This quickly became WBCCI’s biggest annual event with the number of Airstreams attending passing 1000 in 1962, 2000 in 1965, 3000 in 1970, and 4000 in 1975.

Today, the International Rally remains WBCCI’s largest annual gathering and many National and Special Event Rallies are offered each year.  In addition to these, hundreds of Unit and Region Rallies and dozens of National, Regional, and Unit Caravans are offered, thus providing club members with many opportunities to use their Airstreams.

The expanding of WBCCI – Intra-Clubs:  By the early 1960s, club members with special interests began forming theme specific sub-clubs within WBCCI.  We now call these Intra-Clubs.  The first Intra-Clubs allowed members to share their interests in square dancing, amateur radios, and CB radios.  Eventually intra-clubs were formed with a variety of other focuses ranging from single Airstreamers, “Teen-Streamers”, and “Full Timers” to Gems & Minerals, Personal Computers, Geneology, and Vintage Airstreams.  Several Intra-Clubs remain active today.

More WBCCI History:  Check out Historically Speaking articles previously published in the Blue Beret Magazine.

Updated: May 2, 2018

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 The WBCCI International Rally has been held annually since 1958 at varying locations throughout the United States and Canada. The gathering is held during the last week of June through July 4th, Wally Byam’s birthday.

The largest International Rally—attracting nearly 4500 Airstream trailers—was held in Louisville, Kentucky in 1975. The International Rally in Lake Placid, New York was documented in the December 1985 issue of Smithsonian magazine.

Though the event is the responsibility of the International Board, the International Rally is produced by hundreds of volunteer members who arrive often weeks in advance to create the “Silver City” and direct the event throughout the week.

At “The International”, WBCCI members can sign up for outdoor activities, indoor games, and Airstream-related workshops and seminars. Ribbons are won at the hobby, photo and art competitions, and home-crafted items and other treasures can be found at the member flea market. Expect musical entertainment, a vintage trailer open house, and a formal flag presentation ceremony complete with members in traditional blue berets.

Most of all, the International Rally and Convention is an opportunity for WBCCI members fromacross the country to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

During the convention, delegate meetings are held and club leadership voteson important club business.(A supplementary midwinter International Board of Trustees [IBT] meeting is also held in January.) 

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Airstream trailers are designed with an aluminum semi-monocoque construction which provides higher strength with less weight. The rounded, aerodynamic shape, with a low center of gravity, requires less horsepower to pull and provides for smoother towing.

When Wally Byam’s revolutionary “Clipper” was was introduced in 1936, an American legend was born; with its riveted aluminum body, the Clipper had more in common with the aircraft of the day than with other travel trailers. It was fitted throughout with electric lights, could sleep four (when the dinette was converted to a bed), carried its own water supply, and even came equipped with “air conditioning” (using dry ice). At $1,200, the expensive Clipper was a luxury item during the Depression, but demand was high and the Airstream factory pushed to keep up with orders for the exciting new travel trailer.

Since then, Airstream has produced nearly 30 different models, including Class A motorhomes during the late 1970s to 2006 (with a unpainted aluminum bodies similar to the trailers and followed by more traditional-looking fiberglass models in the 1990s), and the painted aluminum “Argosy” trailers and motorhomes during the 1970s.

Airstreams range in size from the tiny 16-foot Bambi trailer to 37-foot aluminum motorhomes.

Currently, Airstream produces an extensive line of aluminum trailer models with more than 30 floor plans—from the cost-effective Sport to the luxurious Classic—and a line of touring coaches that offer the driving and parking ease of a luxury automobile.

Learn more at http://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/

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