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By RG Coleman, #3504

Looking forward to the road trip to Salem, Oregon this summer? Brush up on all things Oregonian with this four- part Blue Beret series before you head to the green Northwest for the 2018 International Rally at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

Affairs of State:
Oregon’s polemic political issues include PERS (the Public Employee Retirement System), growth boundar- ies, various environmental issues and familiar clashes between the blueish urban and the reddish rural factions. (Liberal Portland usually tips the vote: Oregonians have cast their ballot for the Democratic Presidential candidate in every election since 1988.)

Salem is Oregon’s state capital. As 2018 is an even-numbered year, state legislators won’t be in session during the Rally but any month of June is a great time to visit the Capitol. Learn about Oregon history, the Capitol building, and the legislative process during a tour with a knowledgeable guide, then climb up to visit “the gold man” at the top - a twenty-two foot bronze figure named the Oregon Pioneer - and view the whole city below and the mountains beyond from his vantage point.

The Capitol grounds are verdant and colorful - hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers will be blooming in June. The mall is one of Oregon’s newest State Parks and includes the Oregon World War II memorial - a 33 foot tall, 15-ton obelisk.

Beavers and Ducks! Not a sports fan? Want to fit in, and fast? Here’s a short tutorial on what you need to know when confronted by fans of either team in one of the oldest feuds in the Pac-12: Oregon vs. Oregon State. The college rivalry, while customary in many states, is intensified in Oregon due to the physical proximity of the teams, whose respective stadiums are only 41 miles apart.

Oregon State University, home of the OSU Beavers, plays at Reser Stadium in Corvallis. Fans wear orange. Their last conference championship was in 2000. They’re the underdog, as rival U of O seems to be supported by a neverending infusion of alumnus Phil Knight’s Nike money. When you’re around Oregon State fans, make fun of the Duck’s uniforms. Say, “Dennis Erickson should never have left.”

The University of Oregon Ducks play at Autzen Stadium in hippie-friendly Eugene. U of O wears green. The Ducks fought at the Rose Bowl in 1995 and 2015 and at the 2011 National Championship game. Flash the Oregon symbol by mak- ing an O of your thumbs and forefingers, and call the Beavers “hayseeds”. If you really want to stir up trouble, say “I think Taggart had every right to ditch the Ducks for Florida State right before bowl season.”

Peaceable Oregonians are generally thrilled by the national accomplishments of either team. The much anticipated Civil War game takes place on the last day of the season. (The miserable “Toilet Bowl” game - final score: 0 to 0 - was played in 1983.)

Rally Update:
The Planning Committee has added more 30amp sites! Many are already spoken for through the standby list, but they’re still working to make more available. The “standby list” is comprised of members who would like 30amp sites but didn’t register in time to snag one of the 600 powered sites. Here are the standby options:
1) Register for the Rally and privately arrange to hold a nearby off-site camping location - and ask to be placed on the standby list to move later to the first available 30amp site on the Rally grounds.
2) Register on-site for solar or dry camping, and ask to be on the standby list.

3) Ask to be on the standby list without first registering for the Rally, then register and attend once your powered site is reserved.

Please contact Julie Rethman at 937-596-5211 if you or someone you know would like to join the standby list.

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