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There are many places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Escanaba area. While I have patronized several of these places, let’s mention them in no particular order, and let you decide which ones catch your interest. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at the Stonehouse, located at the corner of US 2/US 41 and M35 (2223 Ludington, Escanaba). There is a lounge. Their menu includes fish, salads, sandwiches and steak.

Don’t miss breakfast at the Family Inn (6380 N 11th Street, Escanaba). You will notice the “regulars” have their own section and your waitresses will keep your coffee cup full. The Buck Inn (6696 US 2, Wells) is just north of the Fairgrounds. The Buck Inn has been known for its burgers and features the Buck Burger. On Monday, they may still have “all you can eat” wings.

One of the special spots to dine is The Log Cabin (7525 US 2 & 41, Gladstone). The Log Cabin is very picturesque as it overlooks the Bay. It’s closed on Monday. Hereford and Hops (624 Ludington) is located in downtown Escanaba. This is your Brew Pub and Steak place! It offers a comfortable atmosphere. Reservations suggested. 906-789-1945.

For an excellent view of Lake Michigan, The Terrace Bay Inn will please you. It is located in Gladstone along US 2/41 & M35. To reserve your view, call 906-786-6774. If you want to visit the local casino before or after having supper, take a drive west on US 2 to Bark River/Harris. The Island Resort and Chip In Casino provides two restaurants, usually has weekend entertainment and a few games of chance. They have a campground. To check availability, call 800-682-6040.

Many choices are available for pizza, as you may expect in a city the size of Escanaba. AND… a bit about the drink you will find in the Escanaba area, specifically, craft beer. For more detail, you might consult Upper Peninsula Beer: A History of Brewing Above the Bridge by Russell Magnaghi, The History Press.

During the Colonial era (1620-1796) the Upper Peninsula area was controlled through Canada by the French, and after 1760, by the English.  The first beer, spruce beer, was introduced at this time. While history shows that brandy and rum were more popular, German immigrants brought the art of brewing to the Upper Peninsula around 1850. Prohibition (1916-1933) caused the closure of UP breweries, which could not compete with Milwaukee breweries after repeal.

The last brewery in the Upper Peninsula was Bosch, which closed its doors in 1973. Twenty-one years passed before the region’s first microbrewery, Hereford and Hops, opened in Escanaba.

More information about the 16 breweries currently in the Upper Peninsula will be provided in a future article. Most of all, whether you seek breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoy the casual atmosphere of the Escanaba establishments. You will find Yoopers to be interested in why you are visiting and where you live. ENJOY!

Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587

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