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Hi Everybody!
Well, this is my last article as Publicity and Rally Promotion Chairman...I was appointed by our President Jim Schwerdfeger last summer shortly after his election and I have enjoyed the opportunity to prepare you for the upcoming 59th International Rally/Convention in Lewisburg, West Virginia, June 28-July 5, 2016.

I will be working on the grounds at the Lewisburg Rally to welcome the outside news media, prepare publicity for the Lewisburg area both before and during the Rally, provide local newspapers to the rally site, and meet all visitors who wish to learn of WBCCI. I will also be updating all job descriptions for the 2017 Rally in Escanaba, Michigan. I will be asking some of you to be available for radio, TV and newspaper interviews as requested. I will be informing the press of the Vintage Parade, interesting rally happenings, community services and assist guests touring our facilities. I will be interested in finding out who traveled the farthest, who’s the oldest person attending, whose rig is the oldest, who are the oldest and youngest members of WBCCI, etc. As you can see we will be having fun!

While you are in Lewisburg, please remember you are an ambassador for our club. Wear your badges; let folks know who you are when you meet other Airstreamers and people from around town. Let them know our primary mission is to have fun and see this beautiful country, but that we also support numerous charities through our unit memberships and in Regional and International Rallies. You might invite some to come out and see the Airstream motorhomes, trailers and vans on site as well as the Airstream dealer who will be there showcasing the latest trailers and vans.

As you travel, come with others in a caravan if you can. Be sure to take regular breaks or rest stops every 2 or 3 hours to stretch your legs. Take the time to check a few things on the RV and the tow or towed vehicles. This should be a routine safety check at every rest stop.

Howard Lefkowitz reminded us:
• Take a quick look at each tire to see if any have low air pressure. Don’t forget the inside tire or dual axles.
• Check the wheel hubs to see if they are hotter than normal because of a defective wheel bearing or a dragging shoe brake. Just get close enough to feel any radiated heat. Excessive heat means there is a problem that needs to be fixed before continuing your journey.
• Inspect the hitch, coupling and A-frame for any loose bolts.
• Finally, check the electrical and breakaway connections. After you arrive at Lewisburg and are parked, come to the main registration area and get your ID and information packet. Then head for the tour registration table and sign up for the tours that are being offered. These tours fill in a hurry so don’t delay. (See below, some may be registered online.)

If you are a delegate, don’t forget your meeting at 8:30a.m. on June 30.

Karen Fisher has scheduled some “Vendor Seminars” and shares them with you:
• Mary Kay...”Fight the Signs of Aging”...discussion, door prizes
• Pampered Chef...”Time to Tailgate”...campsite meal... save space!
• Simply Etched to apply Graphic Stickers
• Truck Systems...Tire safety and pressure monitors
• Winegard...Off Air and Satellite TV reception... what’s coming!

Of course, there will be many other general seminars available to you such as the maintenance of your trailer, leading a caravan, trailer safety, tire safety, weight safety, personal safety, and such...

Rally Tours information also comes from Karen Fisher, who says that online registration will be available for the following tours and probably others:
• The Bunker at Greenbrier
• Lost World Caverns
• North House Museum
• Hawk Knob Appalachian Hard Cider and Mead
• Smooth Ambler Spirits...tour of distillery and tasting room...
• National Radio Astronomy Observatory/Green Bank Science Center

Janet Kendig, chair of Community Service, hopes you are collecting items to help folks out in the area: knit hats, stuffed animals, personal size items for women’s shelter, gently used children’s books, children’s socks, and items for the animal shelter (old towels, Clorox, and cat and dog food)...all of you have been so generous in the past!

As I close, be sure to take in the Greenbrier River Trail, a rail trail operated by the West Virginia State Parks. It is a 78 mile former railroad that is now used for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and wheelchair use. The nearest city to it is Marlinton. A packed crusher run surface coupled with a mere 1% grade creates an ease of riding that allows young and old to enjoy the many breathtaking views. The Greenbrier River runs alongside it, offering countless opportunities for swimming and fishing. The trail is in one of the most remote areas in the state and lies adjacent to the Monongahela National Forest. A trip along the trail is truly a “wild and wonderful” experience!

A final reminder: Our International Chaplain, Harold Kingdon, is planning daily Morning Devotions with various presenters and two Sunday Worship Services on June 26 and July 3. Bob Stansbury from Region 12 will give a vocal solo on July 3. “Yours truly” will participate. Why not make this part of your Rally experience! It’s a great way to start your day, get to meet new and old friends and gain a new perspective on life’s challenges! See you there!

Well, I hope I have helped to prepare for the International Rally! President Jim Schwerdfeger and First Lady, Raisin, will be waiting to greet you! Ya’ll come!

Stop by and say hello at the PR and Rally Promotion office...I’ll be there...Thanks to all of you and especially the volunteers who will make this Rally the best ever! A new PR Chair will pick up this column in August. So, so long! Eileen and I will “see you down the road!” And remember we make our club the great club it is – BECAUSE WE CAN! Make Wally proud of us!

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