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Hello Everybody! Winter is doing its best to keep us inside in many parts of the country. Biggest blizzard in a long time hit the northeast a couple of months ago. But snowbirds are returning from the South, others are preparing for summer and many are getting ready to travel to the 59th International Rally in Lewisburg, West Virginia! If you haven’t registered, now is the time to do so. The sites with electricity, water and sewer are sold out, but the Rally Committee and President Jim
Schwerdfeger are working hard to create more space for all who come...I returned from the January International Board of Trustees Meeting and Rally in Louisiana and learned that we have at 700+ units registered for this Rally. It will be here before you know it, so mark your calendar for June 28-July 4, 2016, at the State Fairgrounds in Lewisburg, WV.

Many units are planning caravans before and after the Rally to see the sites. If your unit hasn’t planned a caravan, now is the time to consider one. Have a couple of folks in your unit map it out and decide on how many days, just how many miles you want to cover a day and just where to stay.  And make the arrangements. Potluck suppers, grilling out or eating out - whatever you decide. It’s fun to do this together.  But if traveling on your own is your preference, then do so -
but come to International!

On arrival at the Rally site, you will receive a registration/welcome package with information on all the amazing events and tours that will be part of your rally experience.

Guided tours for some of these locations can be arranged at the Rally Tour desk. You can’t possibly see everything during your time at the Rally. REGISTER NOW!!!

Getting Your Trailer Ready: Now is the time to get your trailer in tiptop shape for the journey. Some things to consider right now:

1. Tires, brakes and “repacking” the wheels with new grease and perhaps seals...checking your brakes on the trailer...? How old are your tires? If 5 years or more you should replace...some things like “dry rot” you can’t see and the tread might still look good, but those tires need to be replaced...repack those bearings if you’ve traveled 10,000 miles, at least check them out, they could be leaking or seals aren't doing their job.  Make sure the new tires aren't more then 6 months old... check the date on the sidewalls.

2. Break away switch should be replaced every few years...check the propane gas tanks and regulator. Any gas leaks?

3. Tighten everything that’s gotten loose as you travel –your door? Lubricate your windows and especially your rear window emergency exit...lubricate your steps, TV antenna... open your windows and clean the dirt and road grime off the window seals.

4. Anybody checked the spare to see if it has air? Still in good shape?

`5. Check your hitch...Everything tight? Chains look good?

6. All your alarms in working order inside the trailer?

7. Tow vehicle serviced? Need to change transmission fluid, air cleaner, differential oil? Fuel filter?

As I write this I am thinking that this is what Howard Lefkowitz would want me to ask you as part of your preparation in coming to Lewisburg. He passed away recently and was such a gift to our club. His tech talks were probably the most attended series of workshops that were offered at the Rallies. We will still have these workshops but will sure miss Howard. Thank you, Howard, my friend, for helping us all to care and maintain our trailers and motorhomes. You were faithful in your work and did it with excellence! You will be sorely missed!

I will try to have a list of all the events and tours including those that occur before the Rally opens on June 28, in the next Blue Beret.

Remember to respond to the “volunteer coupon” in the Blue Beret. It takes lots of folks to put on the Rally.  And remember if you’re a volunteer, you park early.

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