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The 59th International Rally will be in Lewisburg, WV at the State Fair Campgrounds.

June 28, 2016 to July 5, 2016

Full Hook-up sites are SOLD OUT!

Dry Camping Online Registration



Visit the website at for daily updates while at the Rally.

Update: There WILL be parking from 1-4pm on Sundays! The information published in the May Blue Beret was incomplete.

Update: Registration for the Rally has reached 750!  This is the largest number since 2010.  The facilities for our rally are nearly full.  The Fire Marshall could say that we are at maximum capacity.

Rally organizers have been losing sleep at night trying to find space for everyone.  Your response to this rally has been terrific, and we really appreciate all of you.  We wish that everyone in the Club could be in Lewisburg.. but the bottom line is that we've just run out of room and there is no more available.

It is painful for rally organizers and saddens us all but regrettabi, we must stop accepting both ON and OFF site registration on May 15th, and day passes for non-registered members will no be issued after May 15th.  If you plan on attending the rally you need to get registered NOW.

Rally/Convention Fees for registrations received prior to January 1, 2016, will be $450 for couples, $400 for singles, and $120 for each additional adult. Rally/Convention fees for the first 500 to register include FULL HOOK-UP.  The first 500 registrants include FULL HOOK-UP.  Registrants 500 to 660 will have water, electric, and pump outs.  Dry campers will have full access to all Rally events and be parked with convenient access to restrooms and shower houses.  STANDBY LIST: Registered dry campers will be on a standby list.  If in the event a full amenity vacancy occurs registants will have the option to upgrade for an additional fee.

Rally Fees received after January 1, 2016, will be $470 for couples, $420 for singles, and $120 for additional adults.

Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members pre-registering on or before January 1, 2016, will be eligible to participate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000 in awards. The award may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Facility for parts and service.

Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services , is permitted for the night before your parking date. Additional nights prior to your parking date will be at the rate of $25.00/night, payable at verification..

FEE REFUND POLICY All rally/convention fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2016, and must include the complete Rally pass. All cancellations will be assessed a $30.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15 except as approved by the International Rally Committee.

Want to attend only a day? Or you have have a friend who wants to attend?  Here are the prices and guidelines.

Final Rally Schedule, June 5th Update

Visit the website at for more photos and information.

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