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Having left Gillette, Wyoming and the 57th WBCCI International Convention/Rally behind, we began our forward planning trip to Farmington, New Mexico in preparation for the 58th WBCCI International Convention/Rally.
Travelling to Farmington, NM with the Executive Committee and committee Chairman Leslie Heckenswiler and Chairman Ronnie Erb was busy but a great experience. This forward planning caravan lead by International President, Joe Perryman and First Lady Sandy is very busy as the participants review all facets of the previous Rally; they review all Committee Chairmen reports and identify areas for change, improvement or enhancement.
An in-depth review of the facilities at the McGee Fairgrounds, the site of the 58th International Convention/Rally was made. Rooms are assigned for various functions, campground requirements are identified, bank accounts and a Post Office box are opened and caterers are contacted. Visits to the Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor Bureau are made (have a look at www.farmingtonnm.org) for great information on this amazing area we are about to visit.
Every possible detail is reviewed to ensure you the members of WBCCI can experience a great Convention/Rally next year.
Now, speaking of a great Convention/Rally you should start making plans for a fun WBCCI event; the fairgrounds are excellent for our Rally, parking will be 2 point hook-up with pump outs every 4 days, the sites are level, spacious on a good fine gravel base with trees around the camp area. The buildings are in excellent condition and very clean, sound systems appear to be very good, offices, class rooms and vendor areas are more than satisfactory. Sounds like a great venue for our Convention/Rally in 2015.
In addition to our excellent site, right next door within walking distance is the “Sun Ray Park and Casino” providing, if you are interested, gaming, entertainment, horse racing, bingo and a multitude of restaurants and dining rooms for various Region and Unit events.
The Rally and area will keep you busy; however you will want to visit the City of Farmington. This is a drive of about 5 1/2 miles from the fairgrounds and provides everything you will need in the form of shopping, restaurants, vehicle service, banking, Laundromats and much, much more.
The area of New Mexico as well as the sights you will experience as you travel to the 58th WBCCI International
Convention/Rally are nothing short of amazing; this is another Bucket List Trip don’t miss this opportunity, put your plans in order to enjoy this great Rally.
President Joe Perryman and First lady Sandy extend their personal invitation to you – registration information is included in the Blue Beret and on WBCCI website at http://wbcci.org/home/rallies-caravans/international-rally


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