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Hello Everyone;
Hopefully plans are being made for your upcoming trip to Farmington, New Mexico and the 58th International WBCCI Convention/Rally – June 26– July 4, 2015.
International President Joe and First Lady Sandy Perryman extend their personal invitation to join them and fellow members of WBCCI at this fun-filled event.
If you haven’t registered you are encouraged to do so before January 1, 2015 to save up to $25.00 on your registration.
This year we have been able, through careful planning and the elimination of the contribution to headquarters from the International Rally fund, to provide a lower Rally fee while still maintaining all the events and activities you want and expect at your International Convention/Rally.
Registration is now available online or you can still submit your registration to headquarters using the registration form in the Blue Beret. If you attend an event with one of the Executive Committee members present, your EC members have registration forms, bags and Rally shirts available and they will be happy to get you registered and on your way to attending this great event. Registration costs increase in January so don’t delay; Register Now!
To help you make your decision to join your fellow Airstreamers, the following is a brief outline of the activities you can expect from opening day to closing of the Rally along with added Pre-Rally information on events and activities prior to the opening ceremony. It has been noted and acknowledged that members have arrived at the Rally to find events have taken place and they have missed them because of misunderstanding of Rally dates.

This article will serve as the first outline of the Rally events and as we draw closer to the Rally more information will be provided with firm times and dates of various events; for now let’s consider a general outline of the upcoming Farmington Rally.


This is the official Rally time frame and represents the time in which the Official Business of the Club takes place.
June 26 – Opening Ceremony
June 30 – Delegates Seminar and Meeting, Election of Officers, Voting on Business brought forward before the Club to be determined by the Unit Delegates
July 3 – Installation of Officers
July 4 – Closing Ceremony

The events outlined above are the dates of the business that must take place while our membership is in attendance.
During this time there are also a very large number of individual events happening such as Unit and Region breakfasts, luncheons, dinners and meetings. Also during this time there are many seminars, demonstrations of various types, workshops, vendors and this year at Farmington, a free day to tour and visit this beautiful area.
So - now that we have filled up these important business days June 26-July 4, we know that we will need more time to
get in the rest of these important seminars, workshops, demonstrations, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, meetings and visit our vendors. We now need to turn our attention to what would be best called our Pre-Rally events, all of which are important and fun.
Two important dates to note in this “Pre-Rally” time are:
June 25 – IBT Seminar and Meeting, open to all members in attendance for discussion of events and direction of our reat Club.
June 25 – Unit Presidents Dinner (by invitation to current Unit Presidents)

These dates, along with other events will be published in later Rally promotion reports. Other dates related to the International Convention/Rally in Farmington, NM are the extremely important volunteer rally set up dates. WBCCI is a strictly volunteer organization and it takes a considerable number of volunteers to set up the Rally events and ensure that all functions are ready when the members arrive to enjoy their International Convention/Rally. Volunteers are always needed and afford another opportunity for you, as a WBCCI member, to both contribute and enjoy all the activities of the Rally.
We sincerely hope this information answers some of your questions and encourages you to register for your International Convention/Rally; we will keep you apprised of events and specific dates as they are confirmed and the Rally draws closer.

Register Now! We want to count you in the Fun-Fellowship and Adventure. More registration information is
available at our new Facebook page called "WBCCI Farmington Rally 2015". All sites have the link to online registration and are updated immediately, as information becomes available.

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