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We are continuing our travels throughout New Mexico leading us to Farmington, NM for the 2015 International Rally. Salinas Pueblo Missions are in a part of New Mexico that will whet your appetite for the beauty that this state brings. The Salinas Pueblo Missions are located in Mountainair, NM. The Missions are a National Monument with the visitor center located in Mountainair, NM west of U.S. 60 and NM 55 Junction. Camping sites are located nearby for you to spend some time exploring The Missions.
The stones are echoes of the communities that were there 300 years ago... vacated in the 1670’s. The Pueblo Indians developed agricultural techniques to support their lifestyles. The stone and adobe homes were indicative of the development of pueblo society down the road. Further development over the next few hundred years occurred in the Salinas Valley, becoming a major trade center and populous parts of the Pueblo world...reaching 10,000 or so dwellers in the 1600’s. They traded maize, pinon nuts, beans, squash, salt and cotton goods for dried buffalo meat, hides, flints and shells. The Ancestral Puebloans (called Anasazi and Mogollon), were rooted as far back at 7,000 years ago. Prior to the development of the communities, the Indians lived in pit houses, covered with pole and mud frames. The evolution provided Missions with hundreds of rooms and kiva plazas. The agricultural techniques evolved into raising turkeys, hunting of rabbits, deer, antelope and bison. The animal hides provided for robes, blankets, rugs and other household items. The Pueblos were gifted weavers, basket makers, and black-on-white pottery which the Salinas Pueblos “borrowed” from the Rio Grand Pueblos. The Salinas drew from other more advanced groups, adapting useful information to their cultures. Their villages were abandoned in the 1670’s and their peoples dispersed.
Fit the visit to the Salinas Pueblo Missions into your travel schedules. History abounds! This is just a little bit of the history of the Missions, check them out for yourselves!

By Anne Werth


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