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April, spring is underway, Airstreams are being prepared for summer travel, Units have geared up for the upcoming Caravan and Rally season. Hopefully the International Convention/Rally is high on your list of planning.
Farmington, New Mexico “The Land of Enchantment” awaits and promises to be a special place for our 58th International Convention/Rally June 26 - July 4, 2015. At the time of writing this article we have 341, and increasing, Units registered with approximately 680 people planning to attend this exciting Rally in this beautiful area. We are working hard to meet our goal or exceed of 400 plus Units and 800 plus members.
This month we will talk about things you want to know about attending the Rally and our all important annual meeting for WBCCI. The IBT Seminar will be held on June 25; this is your opportunity as a member to be heard and to help shape the future of your organization. June 30 is the Delegates meeting, again an opportunity for you, the member, to express through your delegate your interest in the future of the Club.
Evening entertainment is always popular and you can look forward to events on June 27-28-30 and July 1 & 2. We will have vendors on site that will provide RV supplies, fun items to purchase and good information to enhance your RV experience. We can also look forward to seminars and workshops including and more information on:

  • Internet Theft
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Personal Safety (Farmington Police Dept)
  • Aztec Ruins National Monuments
  • Convection & Microwave Cooking
  • First Timers Seminar
  • Convection Cooking
  • Tech Seminars
  • Member Idea Exchange
  • Staying out of the Emergency Room

Parking – we have a great parking area, level, clean with 575 well laid out two point hook-up with pump outs every four days. It is important to come in with empty tanks, depending on your arrival date and the pump out schedule you may have four days to wait. A dump station is on site for your convenience but it is better to arrive ready to be parked.
Early parking is available at the fairgrounds prior to your park date for $25.00 per night payable to the McGee Fairgrounds (note: you may be required to move to your Rally spot on your park date). Early parking would provide time to tour this amazing area before the busy Rally schedule starts.
President Joe Perryman and First Lady Sandy extend their personal invitation to join your fellow members of WBCCI at the 58 th International Rally June 26 - July 4, 2015 in beautiful Farmington, New Mexico. Also, have a look at NM Magazine at www.nmmagazine.com for some great information and reviews to add to your Rally experience.
You really don’t want to miss this Rally and the many interesting, different sights to be seen in the area along with all the various and interesting activities at the Rally. REGISTER NOW!!

Now, let’s enjoy the following article provided by New Mexico Unit Member Anne Werth and her guest writer Nancy
Werth on the benefits and fun of:

“13 Food Things to Know about New Mexico”

How can you tell that you have a New Mexican in your life? Do they have less freezer space because it is filled with green chile? Have they ever tried to order a green chile cheeseburger at their local burger joint? Don’t worry, it’s pretty much the thing to do in New Mexico.
Categorizing New Mexican food can be tricky. It’s not really Mexican and it’s definitely not Tex Mex. It lives somewhere between the two, in a world where there is a lot more cheese.

Here are some highlights about New Mexico food:

1. There is a difference between chili and chile. Chili is a stew with meat and beans. Chile is a fruit. Chile can be turned into chili but not the opposite.
2. Sopapillas can be eaten for any meal. Sopapillas are fried dough. Stuffed with eggs, they are breakfast. Put some meat inside and cover in chile (see #3), you have lunch or dinner. Drizzle with honey and you have dessert.
3. Christmas is not just a holiday, it’s a food choice. You can smother your burrito with red chile sauce or green chile sauce. Can’t decide – tell the waitress “Christmas”. When your food comes, you’ll get both!
4. The smell of roasting chile makes you think of fall. It’s a ritual, like going to the New Mexico State Fair or heading back to school. And it smells pretty fantastic.
5. You’ve felt the pain firsthand of not wearing gloves to peel the roasted green chile mentioned above. The burn is no joke! Forget once...you’ll never forget again.
6. Feeling sick? Someone’ll bring you green chile stew. Stub your toe – green chile helps. Celebrating a special event? Green chile’s on the menu.
7. All pizza shops should offer green chile as a topping. It’s the tastiest topping of all time and green chile has more Vitamin C than an orange so it’s good for you.
8. You can eat anything on a tortilla.  You name it – burgers, melted cheese and even chocolate sauce.
9. Even though they are made of food, chile ristras are just for decoration. 
Chile ristras make a lovely pop of color on your front porch as the bright red chile pods are strung on a string; however, they get moldy and are a good home for spiders or bugs.
10. If someone is selling breakfast burritos from their trunk, you should buy them. They are about as authentic as you can get and they are extremely portable to eat while towing your trailer.
11. A McDonald’s Green Chile Cheeseburger should only be eaten in the event there is absolutely nothing else to eat.  They are much tastier than the regular cheeseburger and the green chile will counteract the effects of the cheeseburger. Remember, there is more Vitamin C in a serving of green chile than in an orange.
12. When in doubt, order the combo plate.  Because sometimes you just need a taco, enchilada and a tamale. And be brave and have your enchilada smothered Christmas-style. (See #3)
13. Green chile is hotter than red chile. Trust me on this one. Red is universally known as HOT but it’s sometimes reversed here in New Mexico.

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