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Caravan Club
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Amateur Radio

Welcome to the International RV Service Net.  We are a group of Amateur Radio Operators traveling the country in Recreational Vehicles, hosting radio nets, or at least interested in RVing.  We welcome all appropriately licensed hams to join us for our daily nets on 20m and 40m.

We enjoy keeping in touch with one another, and we pass messages to our members out on the road. We host a number of rallies, allowing us to get together for personal visits. In addition to this Internet site, our members receive our quarterly newsletter to bring more detailed information about our activities to the membership.

A non-profit organization sponsored by the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI), the purposes of the club are:

  • service to the public
  • furtherance of public welfare by relaying messages via ham radio in time of need and emergency
  • promotion of education and interest in the sciences of amateur radio
  • promotion of fellowship and goodwill among all radio amateurs and the public
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CB Radio Club

Who Are We?

An Intra-Club of Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc.

What Do We Do?

Maintain a CB Radio Network for WBCCI Members

Operate a Network Control Station at the International RallyCommunication Services via Channel 14:

Provide On-going Information for Rally Events and Special Announcements from 6A.M. to 10:P.M. daily

Inform Rally Attendees of Emergency Weather Conditions

Provide Road Directions, When Requested, for Arriving Members

Interface with Scooter Patrol to Provide Information Coordination

Equipment Service:

Set Up Control Station

Establish Radio Networks among Rally Service Groups, International Officers and Control Station

Provide Limited Equipment Evaluation, Antenna Tuning, and Minor Repairs

Adjust Antennas Using SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) Equipment

Why Be a Member?

Continued Financial Support to Provide WBCCI Members with Continuous

Information Flow

Continued Emergency Coordination

Acquisition of New Equipment

Ensure Club’s Future

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