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The 59th International Rally will be in Lewisburg, WV at the State Fair Campgrounds.

June 28, 2016 to July 5, 2016

Full Hook-up sites are SOLD OUT!

Dry Camping Online Registration



Visit the website at lewisburg.wbcci.net for daily updates while at the Rally.

Update: There WILL be parking from 1-4pm on Sundays! The information published in the May Blue Beret was incomplete.

Update: Registration for the Rally has reached 750!  This is the largest number since 2010.  The facilities for our rally are nearly full.  The Fire Marshall could say that we are at maximum capacity.

Rally organizers have been losing sleep at night trying to find space for everyone.  Your response to this rally has been terrific, and we really appreciate all of you.  We wish that everyone in the Club could be in Lewisburg.. but the bottom line is that we've just run out of room and there is no more available.

It is painful for rally organizers and saddens us all but regrettabi, we must stop accepting both ON and OFF site registration on May 15th, and day passes for non-registered members will no be issued after May 15th.  If you plan on attending the rally you need to get registered NOW.

Rally/Convention Fees for registrations received prior to January 1, 2016, will be $450 for couples, $400 for singles, and $120 for each additional adult. Rally/Convention fees for the first 500 to register include FULL HOOK-UP.  The first 500 registrants include FULL HOOK-UP.  Registrants 500 to 660 will have water, electric, and pump outs.  Dry campers will have full access to all Rally events and be parked with convenient access to restrooms and shower houses.  STANDBY LIST: Registered dry campers will be on a standby list.  If in the event a full amenity vacancy occurs registants will have the option to upgrade for an additional fee.

Rally Fees received after January 1, 2016, will be $470 for couples, $420 for singles, and $120 for additional adults.

Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members pre-registering on or before January 1, 2016, will be eligible to participate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000 in awards. The award may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Facility for parts and service.

Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services , is permitted for the night before your parking date. Additional nights prior to your parking date will be at the rate of $25.00/night, payable at verification..

FEE REFUND POLICY All rally/convention fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2016, and must include the complete Rally pass. All cancellations will be assessed a $30.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15 except as approved by the International Rally Committee.

Want to attend only a day? Or you have have a friend who wants to attend?  Here are the prices and guidelines.

Final Rally Schedule, June 5th Update

Visit the website at lewisburg.wbcci.net for more photos and information.


The Greenbrier Valley is made up of five communities: Alderson, Lewisburg, Rainelle, Ronceverte and White Sulphur Springs. Each is an eclectic small town that offers unique shopping, wonderful dining, vibrant art scenes and great outdoor recreation. Once you arrive in Lewisburg, you can head for the Visitors Center downtown (Court and Washington Streets) and pick up lots of information by speaking with the specialists there and asking questions about things to do, pick up literature and buy souvenirs. (Access their welcome video at www.greenbrierwv.com)

There are more than 50 attractions to appeal to a wide range of interests. Here a just a few:

Greenbrier Valley Farmer’s Market is open Wednesday (3-7) and Saturday (8-1) April through October at the County Greenspace at the corner of 219 and Arbuckle Lane, Lewisburg. Vegetables, fruit, meats, eggs, plants and flowers grown by organic producers in the valley.

Greenbrier River Trail is a 78 mile trail along the Greenbrier River. Originally part of the C&O Rail Systems, this
trail provides access for fishing and canoeing. It is open for hiking, biking, cross country skiing and horseback riding.

Greenbrier Bowling and Recreation Center offers billiards, pro-shop, bowling and on-site dining. GreenbrierBowlingCenter.com

Confederate Cemetery is a cross-shaped mass grave of 95 once unknown soldiers who were killed during the 1862
Battle of Lewisburg.

Andrew Lewis Park includes the town’s original spring that supplied water to the original settlers...

Azulyn Day Spa offers relaxing experiences for facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, etc. AzulynDaySpa.com

Downtown Lewisburg offers over 50 award winning restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, antique shops and sidewalk
cafes...America’s Coolest Small Town!

Greenbrier Valley Theatre – official professional theatre productions, art exhibits, and more...

Herns Mill Covered Bridge (1884) is one of the only two covered bridges remaining in the county...2.6 miles from

Lost World Caverns is a designated National Natural Landmark...self-guided tours available...two miles north of

White Oak Blueberry Farms offers pick your own blueberries from July to August...picking buckets and bags pro-

Sunshine Farm and Gardens is a 60 acre private arboretum and botanic garden of more than 10,000 plants from around the world...12.9 miles north of Lewisburg.

North House Museum is an 1820 National Register home displaying period furniture, textiles, Civil War items, historic
wagons and decorative arts.

Riverview Golf Driving Range offers over 300 yards of target greens, grass, trees and putting green.

So you see, there’s something for everyone! And that’s just some of what’s in Lewisburg...



The excitement is building! We are only months away from the 59 th International WBCCI Rally in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I’m going to highlight several “must-do” WBCCI events/places in the coming months, so that your visit to this beautiful part of the country will be complete! While you will enjoy the seminars, entertainment and vendors who will be at International, there are other beautiful side trips you would want to make while in this part of God’s creation... one of them would be
The Greenbrier...America’s Resort!
Here is an escape in White Sulphur Springs that you could enjoy before, during or after the Rally...a place a world away from modern life...four o’clock teas, gala banquets and garden parties - reminding one of the quiet years following the Civil War, hallmarks of a long-gone age!

The columns looming above the front entrance are just a glimpse of what to expect. Designed by the son of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the architect of the U.S. Capitol, The Greenbrier is monumental in scale. Lobbies and galleries, one after another, invite you to wander deeper into its interior to immerse yourself, to mingle, to rejoice in the graciousness of Southern hospitality. The parlors, ballrooms and 710 guest rooms are outfitted to impress. Jacqueline Kennedy’s social secretary
said, “The Greenbrier...is one of the known, proven, hotels for executive entertaining.” Twenty-six presidents have visited the resort as have royalty and foreign dignitaries such as Indira Ghandi, Prince Ranier and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Wander its 10,000 acre grounds...carriages escort sightseers among historic cottages, past five world class golf courses and into the mountains of the Monongahela National Forest beyond. Behind the scenes, the staff works around the clock to maintain a delicate order. The hotel and grounds are spectacular, but there’s a lot that you can’t see...especially...

The Bunker...
During the height of the Cold War, the U.S. Government built a relocation facility for Congress at The Greenbrier and today the resort offers tours of this once top-secret bunker. The 112,544 square foot bunker was maintained in a constant state of readiness for more than 30 years. The bunker included 18 dormitories designed to accommodate more than 1100 people. The facility also contained a power plant, communications area, clinic, meeting rooms, and lounges. The bunker’s location remained a secret until May, 1992, when The Washington Post published an article “The Lost Resort”, exposing the facility.  In 1995, the U.S. Government ended the lease agreement with The Greenbrier, and later that year, the resort began offering tours. The cost of the tour is $30.00 per adult and $15.00 per child ages 10-18. Minimum age is 10 years. Cameras, cell phones, and electronic devices are not permitted. For information and reservations, call 800-624-6070.

World Class Dining
Led by a world renowned Executive Chef, the Main Dining Room is the epitome of Greenbrier cuisine in an elegant setting. Breakfast and dinner are enjoyed along with a spectacular view of three championship golf courses. A modern Asian restaurant serves innovative Pacific Rim dishes and sushi. Prime 44 West is a supreme steakhouse and traditional Southern fare is served at Draper’s. The Forum features classic dishes and hand-tossed pizza prepared in a coal-fired oven. Reservations are required for dinner in all of The Greenbrier’s restaurants and may be secured by calling 800-624-6070.

Greenbrier Spa
This 40,000 square foot, five star mineral spa offers a wide range of relaxing and therapeutic services. Relax and rejuvenate with a summer’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries Body Wrap! The clinic offers aesthetic procedures, including Botox Cosmetic, Restylane, and Perlane, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser photo rejuvenation. For more information, to purchase gift certificates or to make a reservation, please call 800-624-6070.

The Casino Club
This club mixes world class gaming, live entertainment, international cuisines, and designer boutiques to create the grandest casino experience in the world. 320 state-of-the-art casino machines, 37 table games including black jack, roulette, baccarat, three card poker, and Texas Hold ‘Em are available. Well, there you have it! A fantastic destination for you as you plan your trip to Lewisburg, West Virginia. Our President Jim Schwerdfeger and First Lady Raisin are waiting to greet you! And they want you to have a great time...

(My thanks to The Greenbrier County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, 200 West Washington Street, Lewisburg, West Virginia, 24901. 800-833-2068 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Hello Everybody! Winter is doing its best to keep us inside in many parts of the country. Biggest blizzard in a long time hit the northeast a couple of months ago. But snowbirds are returning from the South, others are preparing for summer and many are getting ready to travel to the 59th International Rally in Lewisburg, West Virginia! If you haven’t registered, now is the time to do so. The sites with electricity, water and sewer are sold out, but the Rally Committee and President Jim
Schwerdfeger are working hard to create more space for all who come...I returned from the January International Board of Trustees Meeting and Rally in Louisiana and learned that we have at 700+ units registered for this Rally. It will be here before you know it, so mark your calendar for June 28-July 4, 2016, at the State Fairgrounds in Lewisburg, WV.

Many units are planning caravans before and after the Rally to see the sites. If your unit hasn’t planned a caravan, now is the time to consider one. Have a couple of folks in your unit map it out and decide on how many days, just how many miles you want to cover a day and just where to stay.  And make the arrangements. Potluck suppers, grilling out or eating out - whatever you decide. It’s fun to do this together.  But if traveling on your own is your preference, then do so -
but come to International!

On arrival at the Rally site, you will receive a registration/welcome package with information on all the amazing events and tours that will be part of your rally experience.

Guided tours for some of these locations can be arranged at the Rally Tour desk. You can’t possibly see everything during your time at the Rally. REGISTER NOW!!!

Getting Your Trailer Ready: Now is the time to get your trailer in tiptop shape for the journey. Some things to consider right now:

1. Tires, brakes and “repacking” the wheels with new grease and perhaps seals...checking your brakes on the trailer...? How old are your tires? If 5 years or more you should replace...some things like “dry rot” you can’t see and the tread might still look good, but those tires need to be replaced...repack those bearings if you’ve traveled 10,000 miles, at least check them out, they could be leaking or seals aren't doing their job.  Make sure the new tires aren't more then 6 months old... check the date on the sidewalls.

2. Break away switch should be replaced every few years...check the propane gas tanks and regulator. Any gas leaks?

3. Tighten everything that’s gotten loose as you travel –your door? Lubricate your windows and especially your rear window emergency exit...lubricate your steps, TV antenna... open your windows and clean the dirt and road grime off the window seals.

4. Anybody checked the spare to see if it has air? Still in good shape?

`5. Check your hitch...Everything tight? Chains look good?

6. All your alarms in working order inside the trailer?

7. Tow vehicle serviced? Need to change transmission fluid, air cleaner, differential oil? Fuel filter?

As I write this I am thinking that this is what Howard Lefkowitz would want me to ask you as part of your preparation in coming to Lewisburg. He passed away recently and was such a gift to our club. His tech talks were probably the most attended series of workshops that were offered at the Rallies. We will still have these workshops but will sure miss Howard. Thank you, Howard, my friend, for helping us all to care and maintain our trailers and motorhomes. You were faithful in your work and did it with excellence! You will be sorely missed!

I will try to have a list of all the events and tours including those that occur before the Rally opens on June 28, in the next Blue Beret.

Remember to respond to the “volunteer coupon” in the Blue Beret. It takes lots of folks to put on the Rally.  And remember if you’re a volunteer, you park early.


Hello to all WBCCI members – we are getting closer to our 59th International Rally/Convention in Lewisburg, WV.  I hope this great event is high on your list of priorities and planning! I am sure that you are already preparing your Airstreams for summer travel.

At this time, according to registrations, we are going to have quite a few attending! The full hook-ups are sold out, but we can still find a way to get you space to park but will offer dry camping only. However, there are two dump stations at the fairgrounds. So it looks like we’ll have over 1500 coming to share in the good times as 725 have registered as of March 14.

Are you joining a caravan to come to Lewisburg? Get your friends and travel together...that’s a fun time in itself! (It will also qualify for points toward a unit merit award!)

Once in Lewisburg, there is so much to see and do with great entertainment, interesting seminars, roundtable discussions, vendors to help you with your RV lifestyle, visiting with old friends and making new ones, Unit and Region luncheons, dinners and happy hours. The annual meeting will give you an opportunity to give some input in the direction of your club.

So if you haven’t registered, NOW is the time to do so! And if your decision has to be a last minute one, you will still be welcome!

By the way, as I write this I am at an RV Park in Lake Worth, Florida. I came here to work on the Region 3 Rally in Doswell, VA the end of April, to write this article for Blue Beret and to do my taxes. It is a nice, quiet spot on Lake Osborne to relax and rest a little following a 10 day caravan/
rally organized by Unit 30 South Florida, which was fantastic... from Ft. Lauderdale sights to Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring, Florida, with other Airstreamers from the Suncoast and Everglades units. (These activities also qualify for points for a unit merit award!) BUT when I arrived yesterday the office asked for my driver’s license AND THE REGISTRATION FOR MY AIRSTREAM! I had to scramble a little...! I mention this because this is the first time in 12 years of Airstreaming that I’ve been asked to produce this! Park officials said that incidences of stolen RVs have pushed our county commission to pass this ordinance...so make sure you have your registration papers for your RV...more of this may be coming down the pike!

Now, to the seminars...I am told that there are about 40 seminars scheduled as of today, and they are always well attended. There will be seminars about hobbies, medical and health, RV repair and maintenance, computers and information about the Lewisburg area.

I heard from Past First Lady, Sandy Perryman, that there will be two seminar presentations by Airstream’s Rick March entitled “Upgrades and Exterior Maintenance” and “Interior Maintenance Tips and Adjustments”...also Dave Schumann will present “General Airstream Maintenance”...Carolyn Beardshear will present three seminars: “Smart Apps for Smart People”, “Beginning Web Design” and “Intermediate Web Design”.

Other Seminars: “Convection Oven Cooking”, “How to Know When to Hang Up the Keys”, “First Timers Seminar” and “Caravan Training” for those who would like to lead/co-lead a caravan.

The “Art/Hobby Show”, “Photo Print/Snapshot Contest” and the famous “Flea Market” will return!

President Jim Schwerdfeger and First Lady Raisin are looking forward to welcoming you to Lewisburg. We are all going to have a great time there –
Because We Can!



Hi Everybody!
Well, this is my last article as Publicity and Rally Promotion Chairman...I was appointed by our President Jim Schwerdfeger last summer shortly after his election and I have enjoyed the opportunity to prepare you for the upcoming 59th International Rally/Convention in Lewisburg, West Virginia, June 28-July 5, 2016.

I will be working on the grounds at the Lewisburg Rally to welcome the outside news media, prepare publicity for the Lewisburg area both before and during the Rally, provide local newspapers to the rally site, and meet all visitors who wish to learn of WBCCI. I will also be updating all job descriptions for the 2017 Rally in Escanaba, Michigan. I will be asking some of you to be available for radio, TV and newspaper interviews as requested. I will be informing the press of the Vintage Parade, interesting rally happenings, community services and assist guests touring our facilities. I will be interested in finding out who traveled the farthest, who’s the oldest person attending, whose rig is the oldest, who are the oldest and youngest members of WBCCI, etc. As you can see we will be having fun!

While you are in Lewisburg, please remember you are an ambassador for our club. Wear your badges; let folks know who you are when you meet other Airstreamers and people from around town. Let them know our primary mission is to have fun and see this beautiful country, but that we also support numerous charities through our unit memberships and in Regional and International Rallies. You might invite some to come out and see the Airstream motorhomes, trailers and vans on site as well as the Airstream dealer who will be there showcasing the latest trailers and vans.

As you travel, come with others in a caravan if you can. Be sure to take regular breaks or rest stops every 2 or 3 hours to stretch your legs. Take the time to check a few things on the RV and the tow or towed vehicles. This should be a routine safety check at every rest stop.

Howard Lefkowitz reminded us:
• Take a quick look at each tire to see if any have low air pressure. Don’t forget the inside tire or dual axles.
• Check the wheel hubs to see if they are hotter than normal because of a defective wheel bearing or a dragging shoe brake. Just get close enough to feel any radiated heat. Excessive heat means there is a problem that needs to be fixed before continuing your journey.
• Inspect the hitch, coupling and A-frame for any loose bolts.
• Finally, check the electrical and breakaway connections. After you arrive at Lewisburg and are parked, come to the main registration area and get your ID and information packet. Then head for the tour registration table and sign up for the tours that are being offered. These tours fill in a hurry so don’t delay. (See below, some may be registered online.)

If you are a delegate, don’t forget your meeting at 8:30a.m. on June 30.

Karen Fisher has scheduled some “Vendor Seminars” and shares them with you:
• Mary Kay...”Fight the Signs of Aging”...discussion, door prizes
• Pampered Chef...”Time to Tailgate”...campsite meal... save space!
• Simply Etched Stickers...how to apply Graphic Stickers
• Truck Systems...Tire safety and pressure monitors
• Winegard...Off Air and Satellite TV reception... what’s coming!

Of course, there will be many other general seminars available to you such as the maintenance of your trailer, leading a caravan, trailer safety, tire safety, weight safety, personal safety, and such...

Rally Tours information also comes from Karen Fisher, who says that online registration will be available for the following tours and probably others:
• The Bunker at Greenbrier
• Lost World Caverns
• North House Museum
• Hawk Knob Appalachian Hard Cider and Mead
• Smooth Ambler Spirits...tour of distillery and tasting room...
• National Radio Astronomy Observatory/Green Bank Science Center

Janet Kendig, chair of Community Service, hopes you are collecting items to help folks out in the area: knit hats, stuffed animals, personal size items for women’s shelter, gently used children’s books, children’s socks, and items for the animal shelter (old towels, Clorox, and cat and dog food)...all of you have been so generous in the past!

As I close, be sure to take in the Greenbrier River Trail, a rail trail operated by the West Virginia State Parks. It is a 78 mile former railroad that is now used for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and wheelchair use. The nearest city to it is Marlinton. A packed crusher run surface coupled with a mere 1% grade creates an ease of riding that allows young and old to enjoy the many breathtaking views. The Greenbrier River runs alongside it, offering countless opportunities for swimming and fishing. The trail is in one of the most remote areas in the state and lies adjacent to the Monongahela National Forest. A trip along the trail is truly a “wild and wonderful” experience!

A final reminder: Our International Chaplain, Harold Kingdon, is planning daily Morning Devotions with various presenters and two Sunday Worship Services on June 26 and July 3. Bob Stansbury from Region 12 will give a vocal solo on July 3. “Yours truly” will participate. Why not make this part of your Rally experience! It’s a great way to start your day, get to meet new and old friends and gain a new perspective on life’s challenges! See you there!

Well, I hope I have helped to prepare for the International Rally! President Jim Schwerdfeger and First Lady, Raisin, will be waiting to greet you! Ya’ll come!

Stop by and say hello at the PR and Rally Promotion office...I’ll be there...Thanks to all of you and especially the volunteers who will make this Rally the best ever! A new PR Chair will pick up this column in August. So, so long! Eileen and I will “see you down the road!” And remember we make our club the great club it is – BECAUSE WE CAN! Make Wally proud of us!

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March 14 – 19, 2016

Region 9 Rally

Shawnee, Oklahoma

The Region 9 Rally will be held March 14-19 in Shawnee, OK.  The theme for this year's rally is "Airstream PowWow!"  The parking fee is $23 a night which includes electric, water and sewer.  The rally fee is $90 per person which includes 3 dinners and 3 breakfasts. Information for the rally can be found on the Region 9 website - region9.wbcci.net


April 6 - 11, 2016

Florida State Rally

Sunshine Key Resort Park

Big Pine Key, Florida

Welcome to one of the longest running State Rallies in the WBCCI. Not only longest running, but in one of the most desired destinations in the world. If you always wanted to visit the Florida Keys, and didn't want to spend the kind of money the Keys demand, then this is your chance. For the reasonable price of $270.00, you spend five nights at an Encore Resort Park, have entertainment nightly, a dinner and use of the trolley for 2 days in beautiful Key West. In future years, we may not be able to hold the $35.00 per night fee. There is always the statement that if you run a good rally at a reasonable price, they will come, then this is your rally‎. Contact Dan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


April 14 – 17, 2016

Alabama State Rally

Foley, Alabama

Come join us for some fun, sun, shopping and sand at the Alabama State Rally, April 14-17, at Anchors Aweigh RV Resort, 19814 County Road 20 South, Foley, Alabama. Fresh gulf seafood, pristine beaches and abundant shopping are just a few of the delights awaiting you at this rally. Contact Carol Rylee, 334-514-0252, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your reservation.

April 27 – May 1, 2016

Region 3 Rally

Doswell, Virginia

Region 3 invites you to attend our rally at the Meadow Event Park, near Doswell, VA, on the grounds where Secretariat was born. The rally will include three meals, entertainment, seminars, an equestrian tour and the chance to see area attractions, including Kings Dominion and Richmond. The rally campsites will offer 30 or 50 amp electricity, water and most with sewer. For information on the rally and registration, go to http://region3.wbcci.net or contact Alicia Rafter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no sign-up coupon or check to send. Reserve your spot by registering for the rally. Pay the rally fee on your arrival.

April 27 – May 1, 2016

Region 8 Rally

Follow the Trails West

Hastings, Nebraska

 Come on along and we will circle our wagons along the California, Oregon and the Pony Express Trails at the Adams County Fairgrounds, Hastings, Nebraska. Hastings, the Queen City of the Plains, Cigar Capital of Nebraska and home of America’s favorite drink, Kool-Aid. We will be offering a bus tour of the World War II Naval Ammunitions Depot to learn about its history.  Easy to get to near the geographic center of the lower 48. Come join us where the trails meet! Happy Trails to you! Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

April 28 – May 1, 2016

Tennessee State Rally

Crossville, Tennessee

The Tennessee State Rally - We’ve Got Talent, April 28-May 1. Ladies will be sharing their quilts and the men will be sharing their gun and knife collections. Collectively, we will be sharing our Dutch oven cooking skills and our musical talents. Please come to Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground in Crossville and share your talent. Contact Jeanie Tillman, 931-205-4205, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Sandy Hauner 813-778-1096.

May 11 - 16, 2016

Region 4 Rally

“Follow the Ruby Brick Road”

Coldwater, Michigan

Region 4 “Follow the Ruby Brick Road” to the 40th Anniversary Rally at the Branch County Fairgrounds in Coldwater, MI. As an attendee, you will enjoy 5 meals, 3 nights of entertainment, 3 point hook-up, tours, workshops, hobby show, yard sale and planned inside and outside activities. Contact: Gary Olinger, 740-603-3677, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 1 – 6, 2016

Region 2 Rally

Hammondsport, NY

The 2016 Region 2 Rally will be held in Hammondsport, NY, located at the southern tip of Keuka Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes wine country. This Norman Rockwell-like village offers sidewalk cafés, antique shops, pottery studios, arts and crafts and much more. Area attractions include: the Corning Glass Works, the Rockwell Museum of western art, the Glen Curtiss Aviation Museum, wineries and more. Contact Fred Schultz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or region2.wbcci.net

June 28 – July 4, 2016

59th International Rally  “Because We Can!”

Lewisburg, West Virginia

June 28 – July 4, 2016

An open invitation to ALL WBCCI members:

International President Jim Schwerdfeger offers a personal invitation to all WBCCI members to join him at the International Convention/Rally, June 28 – July 4, in Lewisburg, West Virginia. The International Convention/Rally is WBCCI’s largest and longest running rally. It is a showcase of the Wally Byam Way of Life. Over 660 Airstream trailers and motorhomes are anticipated. It is a unique opportunity for members to learn more about their Airstream and meet other members of the club. The activities, Airstream related seminars and entertainment are boundless. See the latest Airstream products and tow vehicles on display. Enjoy the opportunity to talk firsthand with club members, officials and employees of Airstream, Inc. There are more than 50 area attractions to appeal to a wide arrange of interests. Lewisburg is located in the Greenbrier Valley area of West Virginia along with four other communities. Each community offers unique shopping, wonderful dining, vibrant art scenes and great outdoor recreation. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the great state of West Virginia and see some old friends or meet some new friends. If you are interested in attending, contact WBCCI headquarters.

July 21 – 25, 2016

Region 7 Special Event Rally

Monument of Peace Rededication

International Peace Garden

Manitoba/North Dakota Border

The North Dakota Peace Garden Unit, Region 7 and the WBCCI invite you to join them at the most historic and important WBCCI event of the 21st century - the rededication of the WBCCI Monument of Peace at the International Peace Garden. Rally includes 4 nights of parking, dinners, breakfast, tours and more. The Rededication Celebration will be on Sunday, July 24, starting at 2:00 pm with the presentation of the monument to the Peace Gardens and this will commemorate 200 years of peace between our two countries – Canada and the United States. More information will be posted on the Region 7 website at www.Region7.wbcci.net.

July 27 – August 1, 2016

Region 10 Rally

Kickin’ Back in Kalispell

Kalispell, Montana

Bring your hiking boots, kayaks, bikes or just your lawn chairs! Region 10 invites you to join us for our 2016 Rally at the Flathead County Fairgrounds in scenic Kalispell, Montana. Our location offers abundant outdoor activities in a Rocky Mountain setting. In 2016, nearby Glacier Park celebrates its centennial! A cruise on Flathead Lake, a western barbecue, catered meals, entertainment and a Talent Night as well as technical seminars are some of the planned rally activities. For more info contact Bob & Darlene Caldwell at 780-435-3145 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 3 – 7, 2016

Michigan State Rally

“Reminiscing in Ravenna”

Ravenna, Michigan

Join us in Ravenna, MI for the 2016 Michigan State Rally where the Metro Detroit Unit will be host to a 1950's themed rally that will include a sock hop, drive-in theater, tours and much more. Mark your calendar and save the dates August 3-7 and join us to do some "Reminiscing in Ravenna" at the beautiful Crockery Creek RV Park. All sites are full hook-up, shaded and generous in size. A Rally not to be missed. Susan Stigleman, 586-781-9030, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 4 – 7, 2016

Region 1 Rally

Montmagny, Quebec

The Quebec Canada Unit invites you to travel north next summer, to the city of Montmagny, Quebec, Capital of Snow Goose. It is a “Rendez-Vous” with history. You will be able to visit the Irish Memorial on Grosse-Ile and tour Ile-aux-Grues on your bicycle or visit Montmagny and the beautiful villages on the Navigator Route. Old Quebec will charm you with its historic European style quarter, old streets and its impressive landmark, the Chateau Frontenac. For more information and registration, please contact Gilles Daigle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 7 – 14, 2016

Galax Old Time Fiddlers Convention

15th Special Event Rally

Galax, Virginia

Region 3 will again be the host of the 15th Special Event Rally in Galax, Virginia for the 81st Old Time Fiddler’s Convention August 8-13. The Fiddler’s Convention is six days of continuous entertainment while the rally will have special concerts by Wayne Henderson and Friends, and the Junior Appalachian Musicians as well as a tour of Wayne’s shop and his extraordinary museum, a breakfast, dinner, and melon “cutting” included. Rally fee is $50 per person, $20 children 12-16. Limited to 45 rigs. The rally campsites will be at the Cool Breeze Campground that has three point hook-ups, 30 and 50-amp service, cable TV, and wireless Internet for $30 per night (plus tax). There will be on-site entertainment. The website address is: http://coolbreezecampground.com and phone number is 866-342-0300. Just call the campground to reserve your campsite and spot in the rally. Pay the rally fee on your arrival. Note: entrance fee to the Fiddlers Convention is not included in the rally fee.

August 17 – 22, 2016

Tall Ships Special Event Rally

Duluth, Minnesota

A Special Events/Region 7 Rally is being planned for August 17-22 with new events and tours.  This event will feature something for everyone who loves to travel including a visit to the Cirrus Aircraft complex, the Scenic Railroad for a day trip to Two Harbors, and of course the parade of the Tall Ships. The bustling Duluth Waterfront will also have a full complement of vendors, artisans, music, reenactments, entertainment and a secret surprise.  So mark your calendar and watch for further updates. This is an event you do not want to miss. Contact: Linda Agre 320-295-1117.

September 8 – 11, 2016

Old Thresher’s 36th Anniversary Special Event Rally

Yuma, Colorado

A great rally to bring children to. Watch farming demonstrations by horses, old fashioned sawmill, rope making and tour village buildings. Optional corn maze at local farmers. We park on the grounds as a unit and host an open house. Rally Fee includes parking, WBCCI meal provided Thursday evening, 2 meal tickets & 2 tickets for piece of pie. No admittance fee to Old Threshers. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or call 970-774-5250.

September 12 – 18, 2016

Pendleton Round-Up National Rally


 Join the Oregon Unit for true western hospitality and one of the top 10 rodeos in North America. This rally is more than Rodeo, famous Pendleton Woolen Mills, Native American national dance competition along with the 100th Anniversary Happy Canyon, Oregon's Heritage Pageant. Questions? Contact Teresa Taylor email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 16 – 18, 2016

New York State Rally

Angelica, New York

The New York State / Installation Rally will be held at the fairgrounds in Angelica, NY, September 16-18. Located in southwestern New York, just off Interstate 86, near the Genesee River, Angelica is a quaint, turn of the century village with a town square, a 1930 type post office, antique shops and museum. A railroad museum and a steam driven sawmill on the grounds. Contact Ray Wagner 585-334-0816, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 24 – October 2, 2016

54th Annual Swiss Festival National Rally

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Experience Swiss heritage and Amish culture; 3 days of tours; evening programs; door prizes; our famous bean soup & cocoa. Pet-friendly. Early parking.  Couples:  $225; Singles: $175.  Co-chairs: Larry & Karin Kurkowski 586-214-1777. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Website: http://landolakesohio.wbcci.net

September 30 – October 4, 2016

Balloon Fiesta National Rally

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The best way to experience Balloon Fiesta is by attending the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta National Rally. Attendees can be on the launch field in minutes and can walk up next to the balloons as they launch. Alternatively, you have a great view right from your Airstream! The 2016 rally runs from Friday, September 30 to Tuesday, October 4. This event fills up quickly, see www.balloonfiesta.com for more information. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration and additional information.

October 5 – 9, 2016

Storytelling Festival Special Event Rally

Jonesborough, Tennessee

In an age of fast technology, it seems unlikely that thousands of people can spend a weekend mesmerized by the voices of storytellers, yet at this event, that’s exactly what happens. The National Storytelling Festival began in 1973 when 60 gathered to hear a few Appalachian tales told from the back of a hay wagon. Those 60 have grown to 10,000 and the hay wagon has been replaced with large circus tents. The East Tennessee Unit provides you a unique opportunity to attend this popular festival in your Airstream.   $115.00 rally fee includes 5 nights parking w/full hook-ups. Each person is responsible for purchasing his or her tickets to the Storytelling Festival. Early parking begins Sunday, October 2 @ $23.00 a night. Contact Harry or Teresa Herrmann at 865-966-2222 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 15 - 23, 2016

Sun Valley Jazz & Music Festival Rally

Ketchum, Idaho

Sponsored by Region 10, this is a rally you don’t want to miss! The autumn colors of the Sawtooth Mountains is the perfect venue for jazz and music in several hotels nestled in the heart of the Sun Valley Basin. From Seattle to New Orleans and Mystic to Sacramento and places in between, musicians from over 40 of the best Swing, Dixieland, Traditional Jazz and other exciting music groups come to Sun Valley for you to enjoy. DRY CAMPING. Showers available. Dump sites close by. Volunteer opportunities. Watch for details in the May Blue Beret. For more info contact Carol Ortiz 360-491-6511 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 29, 2016 – January 2, 2017

36th Annual Rose Parade Special Event Rally

Pasadena, California

Region 12 will host the Rose Parade Rally in Pasadena, CA from December 28, 2016 – January 1, 2017. The rally is a dry camping event blocks from Colorado Blvd. and the 128th Rose Parade. The rally includes four nights of dry camping (No water, electricity or dump). Enjoy breakfasts, dinners, tours and reserved grandstand seats for perfect viewing of the parade. The Rally is always fun. Pasadena offers tourist attractions, shopping across the street from the campsite, Tournament of Roses activities and ringing in the New Year with your WBCCI friends. More information at Region 12 website: region12.wbcci.net

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Peter McDonald spoke for over an hour on the Navajo Culture and the story of the Code Talkers to a standing-room only crowd in the VAC tent.

Peter MacDonald (born 1928) is a Native American politician and the only four term Chairman of the Navajo Tribe. MacDonald was born in Arizona,  and served the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II as a Navajo Code Talker. He was first elected Navajo Tribal Chairman in 1970.

Raised among traditional shepherds and groomed as a medicine man, MacDonald entered the Marine Corps as a Navajo language code talker during World War II. The war ended soon after his training was complete and he was deployed in post-war China to guard surrendered Japanese officers.

After the war, MacDonald earned an electrical engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduation, his acumen secured a job at the Hughes Aircraft Company, working on the Polaris nuclear missile project. He returned to the Navajo Nation in 1963 and began a career in tribal politics.


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Wally Byam Caravan Club International


60th WBCCI International Rally July 22-29, 2017 Escanaba, Michigan

Electric/Water/Pumpout sites are currently STANDBY ONLY. If you would like to get on the standby list please call the office at 937-596-5211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Solar and Generator sites are AVAILABLE. Solar and Generator camping will have water and pumpouts.  You can register for those sites NOW click HERE to Register..

Rally Fees – $175.00 for an RV On-Site; $95.00 for each Adult (18+); $30.00 for each Youth 13-17; Children (12 & Under) – FREE; Lifetime Member Discount 20.00; Non Electric Camping Discount $50.00.

There will be two (2) sections for Non Electric Camping - #1 – Solar Area (no generators permited) and #2 – Generator Area where usage will be allowed between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. Non Electric Camping will have water and pump outs provided on a regular schedule.

A $50.00 surcharge will be assessed if you arrive on-site and have not pre-registered.

Payments by PayPal will be assessed a $5.00 service fee.

Handicapped Parking Special parking to be provided, if requested, near the central rally area for members with a doctor approved state/government issued permit on file with the Corporate Manager of WBCCI prior to arriving at the rally site.

Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members registering on or before January 1, 2017, will be eligible to partcipate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000.00 in awards. The award may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Facility for parts and service.

Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services, is permited for the night before your parking date. Additional nights prior to your parking date will be at the rate of $25.00/night, payable at Verification.

FEE REFUND POLICY Refund requests must be postmarked by May 31, 2017, and must include the complete Rally pass. All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee. Refund requests after June 1, 2017 may be subject to a 50% refund on approval of the International Rally Committee. NO refunds after July 21, 2017.


The 60th WBCCI International Rally will be held at the Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds, Escanaba, Michigan July 22–29, 2017. (Note the Dates) President Richard Girard and his wife Jan enthusiastically encourage you to attend! The UP is a popular destination. Lay your plans now!

Holy Wah! Ya tinkn t’go ta Escanaba in da heart and soul of da U.P., dat Superior State? You betcha, you in for BIG treat! Hey! What da heck? Read on...

Escanaba (Elevation 607 ft.), is the 3 rd largest city in the U.P. Incidentally, the U.P. stands for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, often referred to as God’s Country, located just north of the Mackinac Bridge and south of Heaven. The people from the UP are known as Yoopers. (There are 3 types: Native...born in the UP, Long Timers...lived in the UP most of their lives, and just plain Yoopers...everyone else who lives there) The official language is Yoopanese (a dialect of English native to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Yoopers are fiercely proud of their land, heritage (primarily Scandinavian) and way of life.

Escanaba is a town of about 12,500, located in Delta County (county population of nearly 36,000) which boasts over 200 miles of varied fresh water shoreline, the most of any county in the continental United States, including beautiful sand beaches, marshes and wetlands for bird and wildlife viewing, as well as stunning limestone cliffs. Escanaba is in the Eastern time zone.

The North woods of Michigan is legendary for an abundance of wildlife including black bear, moose, wolf, fox, beaver, quail, grouse, wild turkey, rabbit and the white tail deer. Some of the best hunting and fishing in the world exists here! Come prepared for fresh PURE air and crystal clear water!

Some interesting history about the UP: The UP didn’t use to belong to Michigan! To make a long story short, Michigan owned the Toledo Strip which Ohio wanted badly. After years of bickering and some bloodshed (a stabbing and a dead pig sothe story goes) a deal was finally struck: Michigan conceded to the “wasteland of the UP” for the Toledo Strip. However, it turns out that logging and minerals proved to be a GREAT asset and wealth for the State of Michigan. In fact, the steel used to build your tow vehicles probably came from the rich iron ore mines of the UP, many of which are still active today, along with copper, nickel and gold. Logging continues to exist and paper mills are an important industry.

Another interesting tidbit: The Monarch Butterflies’ annual migration passes through here just north and east of Escanaba on the Bay de Noc in late summer, August and September, as thousands of the beautiful orange butterflies rest-up and await a north wind to help carry them across the open waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay to Door County in Wisconsin en route to Mexico.

Back to Escanaba. There are few worries about traffic jams, car crashes, crime or severe weather in Escanaba. Nestled near the top of Lake Michigan, on Little Bay de Noc, miles of beautiful sandy public beaches, bike paths, light houses, and hiking trails await you, along with championship golf courses, fishing, bird watching, boating, and casinos. In fact, there is so much to do in the UP, you could spend your whole summer here and many folks do just that!

In 1920, Henry Ford wrote about Yooperland, “It’s one of the prettiest places in the world!” Did you know there’s even a movie about Escanaba? Jeff Daniels starred in the 2001 movie, Escanaba in da Moonlight, a comedy about Yoopers and their sacred Deer Camp.

You might be thinking, what’s there to do in such a small town? Plenty! Folks travel from all over to visit Escanaba and the UP. While you won’t find many big box stores and few franchise restaurants, nonetheless, Escanaba has much to offer.

Article by:
Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587
Contributed by: Bill and Marti Upton, WBCCI #3691
Long-Time Yoopers

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