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This is a description of the seminars for the International rally to be held in Huron, SD this summer. Check your program for the times and places of the seminars as soon as you arrive at the rally. -Darrell Waters


Membership Growth Seminar by Mona Heath and Teresa Taylor, Oregon Unit President and Membership Chairman 

  • The demographics of our...

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excitementExciting news comes “sliding” in from Huron this month! The Splash Central Water Park is rumored to be meeting its scheduled deadlines to be up and running for the arrival of our WBCCI International Convention/Rally.

There is a Master Blaster water slide, a Body Slide, Sea Creature Kiddy Pool, a/lazy river, a leisure pool and a 50-meter competition pool for those of you that/need to...

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Here you will find all of the files you might need to participate in the 2013 International Rally in Huron, SD.

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International Rally Program Booklet, 2013 Version:1 Date 2013-06-16 Filesize 3.72 MB Download 1326

Huron Seminar Schedule Date 2013-06-14 Filesize 349.55 KB Download 939

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HuronBikesAccording to Jay D. Vogt, Director of the South Dakota State Historical Society, the Huron Indians never lived in South Dakota. However, when the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area in 1804-1806 the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota (aka Sioux) people as well as the Arikara people lived in what now is South Dakota. The Arikara people were an agricultural society and were later forced into...

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