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60th WBCCI International Rally July 22-29, 2017 Escanaba, Michigan

Electric/Water/Pumpout sites are currently STANDBY ONLY. If you would like to get on the standby list please call the office at 937-596-5211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Solar and Generator sites are AVAILABLE. Solar and Generator camping will have water and pumpouts.  You can register for those sites NOW click HERE to Register..

Rally Fees – $175.00 for an RV On-Site; $95.00 for each Adult (18+); $30.00 for each Youth 13-17; Children (12 & Under) – FREE; Lifetime Member Discount 20.00; Non Electric Camping Discount $50.00.

There will be two (2) sections for Non Electric Camping - #1 – Solar Area (no generators permited) and #2 – Generator Area where usage will be allowed between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. Non Electric Camping will have water and pump outs provided on a regular schedule.

A $50.00 surcharge will be assessed if you arrive on-site and have not pre-registered.

Payments by PayPal will be assessed a $5.00 service fee.

Handicapped Parking Special parking to be provided, if requested, near the central rally area for members with a doctor approved state/government issued permit on file with the Corporate Manager of WBCCI prior to arriving at the rally site.

Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members registering on or before January 1, 2017, will be eligible to partcipate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000.00 in awards. The award may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Facility for parts and service.

Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services, is permited for the night before your parking date. Additional nights prior to your parking date will be at the rate of $25.00/night, payable at Verification.

FEE REFUND POLICY Refund requests must be postmarked by May 31, 2017, and must include the complete Rally pass. All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee. Refund requests after June 1, 2017 may be subject to a 50% refund on approval of the International Rally Committee. NO refunds after July 21, 2017.

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The 60th WBCCI International Rally will be held at the Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds, Escanaba, Michigan July 22–29, 2017. (Note the Dates) President Richard Girard and his wife Jan enthusiastically encourage you to attend! The UP is a popular destination. Lay your plans now!

Holy Wah! Ya tinkn t’go ta Escanaba in da heart and soul of da U.P., dat Superior State? You betcha, you in for BIG treat! Hey! What da heck? Read on...

Escanaba (Elevation 607 ft.), is the 3 rd largest city in the U.P. Incidentally, the U.P. stands for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, often referred to as God’s Country, located just north of the Mackinac Bridge and south of Heaven. The people from the UP are known as Yoopers. (There are 3 types: Native...born in the UP, Long Timers...lived in the UP most of their lives, and just plain Yoopers...everyone else who lives there) The official language is Yoopanese (a dialect of English native to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Yoopers are fiercely proud of their land, heritage (primarily Scandinavian) and way of life.

Escanaba is a town of about 12,500, located in Delta County (county population of nearly 36,000) which boasts over 200 miles of varied fresh water shoreline, the most of any county in the continental United States, including beautiful sand beaches, marshes and wetlands for bird and wildlife viewing, as well as stunning limestone cliffs. Escanaba is in the Eastern time zone.

The North woods of Michigan is legendary for an abundance of wildlife including black bear, moose, wolf, fox, beaver, quail, grouse, wild turkey, rabbit and the white tail deer. Some of the best hunting and fishing in the world exists here! Come prepared for fresh PURE air and crystal clear water!

Some interesting history about the UP: The UP didn’t use to belong to Michigan! To make a long story short, Michigan owned the Toledo Strip which Ohio wanted badly. After years of bickering and some bloodshed (a stabbing and a dead pig sothe story goes) a deal was finally struck: Michigan conceded to the “wasteland of the UP” for the Toledo Strip. However, it turns out that logging and minerals proved to be a GREAT asset and wealth for the State of Michigan. In fact, the steel used to build your tow vehicles probably came from the rich iron ore mines of the UP, many of which are still active today, along with copper, nickel and gold. Logging continues to exist and paper mills are an important industry.

Another interesting tidbit: The Monarch Butterflies’ annual migration passes through here just north and east of Escanaba on the Bay de Noc in late summer, August and September, as thousands of the beautiful orange butterflies rest-up and await a north wind to help carry them across the open waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay to Door County in Wisconsin en route to Mexico.

Back to Escanaba. There are few worries about traffic jams, car crashes, crime or severe weather in Escanaba. Nestled near the top of Lake Michigan, on Little Bay de Noc, miles of beautiful sandy public beaches, bike paths, light houses, and hiking trails await you, along with championship golf courses, fishing, bird watching, boating, and casinos. In fact, there is so much to do in the UP, you could spend your whole summer here and many folks do just that!

In 1920, Henry Ford wrote about Yooperland, “It’s one of the prettiest places in the world!” Did you know there’s even a movie about Escanaba? Jeff Daniels starred in the 2001 movie, Escanaba in da Moonlight, a comedy about Yoopers and their sacred Deer Camp.

You might be thinking, what’s there to do in such a small town? Plenty! Folks travel from all over to visit Escanaba and the UP. While you won’t find many big box stores and few franchise restaurants, nonetheless, Escanaba has much to offer.

Article by:
Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587
Contributed by: Bill and Marti Upton, WBCCI #3691
Long-Time Yoopers

Your 2017 WBCCI International will be held in Escanaba, MI, July 22-29. It will be a sellout. Currently, water and electric sites have a standby list, but solar and generator are still available and will have water and pump outs.

Here is some helpful information for those new to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Let’s start with the basics. We call the Upper Peninsula the UP, pronounced YOU PEE. (Really!) And we call ourselves YOOPERS. (Really!)

Escanaba, the site of the Upper Peninsula State Fairground, is pronounced - ES KA NAH’ BAH, emphasis is on the NAH. Escanaba translates loosely to mean “Flat Rock.” Escanaba is the third largest city in the UP and a significant Lake Michigan port.

Getting Around the UP. Since the UP is bordered on the North by Lake Superior and the South by Lake Michigan, there are not too many ways to enter and leave! From the West, US 2 and US 41 are the major highways from Wisconsin. From the South, the lower peninsula of Michigan, I-75 crosses the Mackinac Bridge. (“Mackinac” is pronounced MACK-IN-AW, by the way.) Coming from
the North, Ontario, Canadians can cross the international bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, pronounced SOO SAINT MARIE. The full name of the town (on both sides of the border) is Sault Sainte Marie, but for some reason the abbreviation Ste. is almost always used on maps. The French name translates into English as “the rapids of Saint Marie.” When they built the locks around the rapids for Great Lakes shipping, they just called them the Soo Locks!

The UP is quite long in the East-West direction. Believe it or not, Detroit is closer to New York City than it is to Copper Harbor at the northwest end of the UP. This leads to a slight additional complication: the UP crosses two time zones. The west end of the UP, which overlaps Wisconsin, is in the Central time zone. The rest of the UP - including Escanaba - is in the Eastern time zone.
All events at the Escanaba International will be scheduled on the EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Conversely, the UP is pretty short in the North-South direction. From Escanaba it’s only 60 - 70 miles to Marquette and Munising on the Lake Superior shore. Both cities have lots of things to see - waterfalls, Pictured Rocks boat tour, lighthouses, museums, etc.  Marquette is the largest city in the UP.

There are five Great Lakes. Maybe you have seen each of them. The five Great Lakes are Superior, Michigan, Erie, Huron and Ontario. (But some of us who live in Marquette say “Four Great Lakes and One Superior!”)

You will be driving right by Lake Michigan as you arrive in Escanaba from either the south or the east. Escanaba is located between two of Lake Michigan’s bays, the Little Bay de Noc and Big Bay de Noc. The names come from the Nocquet tribe of Native Americans who lived here. The “Bay of the Nocquet” has been shortened to “Bay de Noc.” The Bays de Noc offer many recreational possibilities. They are known for excellent Walleye fishing, and guides and charter boats are available. The Bays are also known for SCUBA diving, with unusually clear water and lots of shipwrecks to explore. On the East side of the Big Bay de Noc is Fayette Historic State Park, a restored 19th Century iron smelter and its surrounding town.

Lake Michigan’s name possibly derived from the word Mishigami, meaning Great Water in the Ojibwa language. The Algonquian (spelled lots of ways) explanation is that the word is Misschiganin, meaning Big Lake or Large Body of Water. (Incidentally, various places you will hear that the UP is inhabited by the Chippewa, Ojibwe, Ojibiwa and Anishinabe Indians - all English names for the same nation.)

While you are in Escanaba, make sure to drive to the end of Ludington Street to view the water, see Ludington Park, and check out the marina. It is a pretty drive and easy to find.

Whew. That’s enough to learn for now. Next month, let’s talk about play!

Article by:
Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587

There are many places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Escanaba area. While I have patronized several of these places, let’s mention them in no particular order, and let you decide which ones catch your interest. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at the Stonehouse, located at the corner of US 2/US 41 and M35 (2223 Ludington, Escanaba). There is a lounge. Their menu includes fish, salads, sandwiches and steak.

Don’t miss breakfast at the Family Inn (6380 N 11th Street, Escanaba). You will notice the “regulars” have their own section and your waitresses will keep your coffee cup full. The Buck Inn (6696 US 2, Wells) is just north of the Fairgrounds. The Buck Inn has been known for its burgers and features the Buck Burger. On Monday, they may still have “all you can eat” wings.

One of the special spots to dine is The Log Cabin (7525 US 2 & 41, Gladstone). The Log Cabin is very picturesque as it overlooks the Bay. It’s closed on Monday. Hereford and Hops (624 Ludington) is located in downtown Escanaba. This is your Brew Pub and Steak place! It offers a comfortable atmosphere. Reservations suggested. 906-789-1945.

For an excellent view of Lake Michigan, The Terrace Bay Inn will please you. It is located in Gladstone along US 2/41 & M35. To reserve your view, call 906-786-6774. If you want to visit the local casino before or after having supper, take a drive west on US 2 to Bark River/Harris. The Island Resort and Chip In Casino provides two restaurants, usually has weekend entertainment and a few games of chance. They have a campground. To check availability, call 800-682-6040.

Many choices are available for pizza, as you may expect in a city the size of Escanaba. AND… a bit about the drink you will find in the Escanaba area, specifically, craft beer. For more detail, you might consult Upper Peninsula Beer: A History of Brewing Above the Bridge by Russell Magnaghi, The History Press.

During the Colonial era (1620-1796) the Upper Peninsula area was controlled through Canada by the French, and after 1760, by the English.  The first beer, spruce beer, was introduced at this time. While history shows that brandy and rum were more popular, German immigrants brought the art of brewing to the Upper Peninsula around 1850. Prohibition (1916-1933) caused the closure of UP breweries, which could not compete with Milwaukee breweries after repeal.

The last brewery in the Upper Peninsula was Bosch, which closed its doors in 1973. Twenty-one years passed before the region’s first microbrewery, Hereford and Hops, opened in Escanaba.

More information about the 16 breweries currently in the Upper Peninsula will be provided in a future article. Most of all, whether you seek breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoy the casual atmosphere of the Escanaba establishments. You will find Yoopers to be interested in why you are visiting and where you live. ENJOY!

Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587

The Upper Peninsula has witnessed a lot of history since it became part of Michigan in 1837, and much of it can be seen near Escanaba. Here are seven historical attractions within 50 miles of the 2017 International Rally:

You can begin right in Escanaba with the Sand Point Lighthouse and Museum, operated by the Delta County Historical Society. Escanaba became an important Lake Michigan port early in the 1800s. The Sand Point Lighthouse was built in 1867 to help keep ships off of the sandbars of the Little Bay de Noc. Ironically, the appointed lighthouse keeper, John Terry, died just before the lighthouse was completed and his wife, Mary Terry, took over the job, becoming one of the first women lighthouse keepers.

Thirty miles up the road in Hermansville is the IXL Historical Museum, commemorating the logging industry in the UP. The main building was the 1878 headquarters of the Wisconsin Land and Lumber Company, a manufacturer of millwork such as windows, doors, and flooring. Their trademark was IXL in a circle, signifying “I excel”. The museum contains artifacts of the company’s operations and life in the town that the company supported.

A little farther up the road in Norway, Michigan is the Jake Menghini Historical Museum, displaying various aspects of life in the town of Norway over the last 125 years. Jake started collecting “stuff” as a child in the early years of the 20th century, and when he passed away he willed it to the city, so they had to open the museum!

The City of Iron Mountain has three signicant museums all by itself. Two occupy adjacent buildings, the Cornish Pumping Engine Museum and the World War II Glider and Military Museum.

The Chapin Mine in Iron Mountain was the largest producing iron mine on the Menominee Range in the late 1800s, but it was also the wettest, requiring the removal of four and a half million gallons of water per day. For this purpose the company ordered a Cornish pumping engine from the E. P. Allis Company.

This proved to be the largest reciprocating steam engine ever built in the United States. It is on display at the Cornish Pump and Mining Museum, along with a variety of mining equipment.  The reason the WW II Glider and Military Museum is located in Iron Mountain is not so obvious until you know the story. Henry Ford had a large presence in the UP at the time of World War II, and was interested in the mass production of aircraft. The US needed thousands of cargo gliders for airborne operations, and Ford adapted a plant in the nearby suburb of Kingsford to the manufacture of CG-4 gliders. The plant built more than 4,000 of the nearly 14,000 produced, more than any other factory.

The third Iron Mountain museum is the Menominee Range Historical Museum housed in the former Carnegie Public Library. It contains several exhibits portraying daily life in the area, from the Menominee tribe up to the mid-20th century.

In future issues, we will consider other UP historical sights more distant, in the hope that you will have time to range farther afield before or after the International.

Jane Carmichael, #3230 and John Sellers, #1587

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2018 International Rally
Salem, OR
June 17-30, 2018

Oregon State Fairgrounds

Category: 2018 Salem, OR

Here you will find all of the files you might need to participate in the 2013 International Rally in Huron, SD.

Read more: Files You Need

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For RALLY UPDATES and SCHEDULE CHANGES go to gillette.wbcci.net

Gillette logo 2014

Wally Byam Caravan Club International, Inc.

57th International Convention/Rally

June 28 - July 4, 2014 • Gillette, Wyoming


Join the Fun June 28th-July 4th, 2014
Full Hook-Up Campground - Ultra Modern Great Conference/Rally Facilities

Excellent Entertainment, Interesting Seminars, Inter-Club Events, Unit and Region Events, Happy Hour with new and old friends, Early Worker and Rally Tours, Airstream support, Vendors, take part in the ever important Club Meetings, be part of the future of your Club. Join the City of Gillette and Residents for a fabulous Fire Works Display. Plan and enjoy a 4th of July Picnic with your Unit or Region - plan to show your creativity in the 4th of July Parade

Support our “Wounded Warrior Program” and the  "Monument of Peace" Project.

Make it a Unit Project to support our Community Service Program – WBCC is proud of our Community service work and this year we will add a new program to help the Lyons Club bring sight to those in need with the contribution of used eye glasses.

Plan a caravan before or after this Rally, this is an area that should be on everyone’s “Bucket List” did you know that from Gillette you can travel to Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872 as America’s first National Park, to the Devils Tower, Crazy Horse Memorial, The Mammoth Site, Wind Cave National Park, Reptile Gardens and that just names a few of the exciting side trips around this area.

Gillette itself provides the opportunity to visit their Art Walk, Water Slides, Wall Climbs, Rodeo, the Donkey Creek Festival and Wright Days taking place during or just before and after our Rally and on a trip downtown you will likely see herds of Antelope along the road. Good Restaurants, Hotels, a new Health Centre, fun shopping, super Friendly People, check out www.livability.com/gillette. Bring the kids and/or grandkids everyone can enjoy this Rally.

Public Relations/Rally Promotions; Hazel Knopp #200, Chairman

This PDF File listed below is the current schedule as published. Note: this schedule is sublect to change please go to http://gillette.wbcci.net for updates.
This PDF File is the Entire program you will recieve in your welcome packet, which also includes the schedule.

  • Convention/Rally Fees for registrations received prior to January 1, 2014, will be $495 for couples, $395 for singles, and $125 for each additional adult. Convention/Rally fees for the first 1000 to register include 30 amp electricity, water, and sewer (No 3-amp electricity or generator section is available).


  • Rally Fees received after January 1, 2014, will be $520 for couples, $420 for singles, and $135 for additional adults.


  • Through the courtesy of Airstream, Inc., all members pre-registering on or before January 1, 2014, will be eligible to participate in a drawing for up to a total of $2,000.00 in awards. The award may be redeemed at any Airstream Dealership or at the Jackson Center Service Facility for parts and service.


  • Free parking in the Bull Pen, with no services, is permitted only for the one night before your parking date.  Additional nights in Bull Pen parking prior to your parking date will be at the rate of $26.00/night, with no hook-ups.

FEE REFUND POLICY  All convention/rally fee refund requests must be postmarked by May 15, 2014, and must include the complete pass receipt. All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if postmarked after May 15 except as approved by the International Rally Committee.






NOTE - To Parents and Grandparents .  If you have a child or grandchild that is a budding entertainer, acting, dance or song; The Gillette Cam-Plex is the location for a major Performing Arts Workshop "PAW" culminating with two stage productions at the Cam-Plex Theatre.  Rehearsals run daily from June 2nd to June 20th with the first performance on June 20th at 7pm and again on June 21st at 2pm.  The Performing Arts Workshop is open to kids age 6 to College age and is produced by professional entertainment directors and coaches.  Registration information and program details can be obtained by contacting the Cam-Plex ticket office at 307-682-8802.  Come early for the "PAW" and stay for our important Rally.  Registration fills up quickly so if you are interested make a call today for further information.


President John and First Lady Sandy Stumpf invite you to the 57th Wally Byam Caravan Club International Convention/ Rally “GOOD FRIENDS – GOOD JOURNEYS”.

We are going back to Gillette, Wyoming for the 2014 International Convention/Rally; members who attended the previous Gillette Rally will remember an excellent full hook-up campsite and a great Rally/Conference meeting space at the Gillette Cam-Plex. This beautiful meeting space opened in 2008 and more than met our need for the Rally.
You will also remember a very friendly city with helpful residents; these folks enjoy visitors and take every opportunity to welcome you. If you are coming to Gillette for the first time, you can look forward to this very special area. In this article let’s talk about Gillette and the surrounding area and then about the upcoming great Rally events.
Gillette is a city of approximately 32,000 people with a median age of 30.6 years and is in the northeast area of Wyoming. Gillette is the county seat for Campbell County and was established in 1892 less than two years after Wyoming became a State. It is situated between the Big Horn Mountains to the West, the Black Hills to the East and is in the Powder River Basin.
The major industries in the area are American Coal, Oil and Coal Bed Methane Gas; the city refers to itself as the “Energy Capital of the Nation” and provides nearly 35% of the U.S. coal.
The climate is considered semi-arid with an average high temperature in June–July of 76F/24.4C to 84.5F/29.2C with low temperature in June–July of 47.7F/8.7C to 54.4F/12.3C. The average rainfall in these months is from 2.64 inch - 1.78 inch, 67.1mm - 45.2mm. Looks like pretty good camping weather.

There are a number of very good to excellent hotels available if you wish to fly into the Gillette - Campbell County Airport (GCC) serviced by Delta Airlines, United Airlines operated by SkyWest Airlines. SkyWest currently operates 8 flights daily in and out of Gillette to hubs in Denver, Rock Springs and Salt Lake City.

An excellent selection of restaurants from casual bagels to barbecues and steaks, wine and fine dining are available. Good shopping is available and they have an excellent Farmer’s Market.
Meeting and meal space is available for your various Unit and Region functions.
Everything you need is in Gillette - personal vehicle, RV service, propane – if you need it, you can find it.

OKAY! Enough on Gillette itself for now, let’s take a look around the area for interesting things to do and see and there are many. Take a minute while you are reading this and get out a map of the United States, look at where Gillette, Wyoming is located and then look East-West-North and South. If you were in Gillette last time, you may recognize many of these locations and know you could enjoy another visit or visit those areas you didn’t have time for. If you have not been to this area before just look and you will immediately see this is an opportunity to travel to this interesting area that you should not miss. If you are thinking about a family trip with the children or grandchildren this is the area to visit. This is also a great area for a caravan before or after the Rally or just a trip with your favorite person.

Travel north and you can visit DEVIL’S TOWER NATIONAL MONUMENT, a little further north is CUSTER BATTLEFIELD NATIONAL MONUMENT, go west to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - this is a place that should be on every bucket list, if you have not visited this area you cannot imagine what it is to see the impact of this area.

A little south of Yellowstone is GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK with its beauty and history beyond expectation. Now let’s travel east or maybe stop before arriving at the Rally to do a little “spelunking” in the JEWEL CAVE, MOUNT RUSHMORE CAVE and the WIND CAVE. Once we are back above ground a visit to MOUNT RUSHMORE and CRAZYHORSE is a must, a stop at BAD LANDS NATIONAL PARK is also great. Finally we can travel south to visit FORT LARAMIE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE, SCOTT’S BLUFF NATIONAL MONUMENT and CHIMNEY ROCK NATIONAL MONUMENT.

All of this and beautiful scenery, I know, because I have visited everyone of these venues and my visits were on the way to or from various WBCCI rallies to attend our annual meeting, to meet new and old friends and to enjoy Fun, Fellowship and Adventure.

In future articles we will review the various Rally events, seminars, tours and more information about Gillette and this very special area.

Please register today for the Rally, support your Club and plan a trip to remember.

Public Relations/Rally Promotions; Hazel Knopp #200, Chairman


This year we will have a central location for group Happy Hours.  The location will be in the Box Elder Campground "MIDDLE SOUTH COMMONS AREA".  Look for the signs, bring your chairs, happy hour snacks and refreshments.  Open daily to all Rally participants.


President John and First Lady Sandy Stumpf invite you to the 57th Wally Byam Caravan Club International Convention/Rally, Gillette, Wyoming – June 28-July 4, 2014.

The International Convention/Rally is the annual meeting and election of officers for our Club. The International is designed to provide you, the member, with an entertaining, informative event. The Rally will provide great entertainment, informative seminars, tours, the opportunity to enjoy your favorite pastime such as band, jam sessions, a multitude of crafts and workshops. The opportunity to meet with new and old friends and to enjoy lunches, dinners and happy hours.

At previous Rallies, members have enjoyed some of the following seminars and speakers:

Zamp Solar Living in Small Spaces Officer Training First Timers Seminar
Mary Kay Around the World Caravan Blue Ox Amateur Radio
Organizing your Rig Natural Pet Foods Joker Lessons Webmaster Training Seminar
Reading on the Road Dutch Oven Cooking Fashion Show Membership Growth Strategy
Knots for RVing Wigs - Your Choice Tax Tips FCC Amateur Radio Exams
Member Idea Share Business on the Road Full Time RVing Introduction to Caravanning
Sarge Enterprises Care & Feeding of AC Winegard Airstream Parks Association
Social Networking Estate Planning for RVers SkyMed Vintage Airstream Database
Rally Host Seminar Membership Seminar Tour the Town Airstream Presentation
Non # Unit Caravans Training Your Dog to Hunt    

At the Rally, members have enjoyed competitive indoor games, competitive displays and show items such as:

Art Show Snap Shot Photo Contest Hobby Show Photo Print Contest
Year Book Show Unit Publication Show Party Bridge Joker Tournament

Enjoy a number of group activities such as:

Band Practice Choir Practice Crafts Future Rally Presentation
Line Dancing Bicycle Excursions Quilting Full Range of Youth Programs
Community Service Bloodmobile Sing-along

Morning Devotions

Flea Market 4th of July Parade Pet Show

Vintage Airstream Parade

Vendors on site, at previous Rallies, providing information, parts and service and great purchase opportunities:

A & W Designs Battery Systems Blue Ox Coastal Reflections
Dexter Axle Farm & City Insurance Zamp Solar Mary Kay Cosmetics
Sarge Enterprises Simply Etched Stickers SkyMed Zip Dee Awnings
Airstream Parts Beachnut Billie's Winegard New Airstream display
Fifth Avenue Collection      

Important meetings must take place at the Rally and we need you to be there to support your Club and the various intraclubs you belong to. Come for the ever important International Board of Trustees meeting, the delegates meeting, election of officers and be there for the Vintage Airstream Club meeting and installation, enjoy the Classic Airstream Club events, the Amateur Radio Club and the Free Wheelers Club.
A listing of great entertainment and fun tours will be highlighted in future Rally Promotions; you know they will be excellent and another reason to plan to attend the Rally in Gillette.
Next month we will review some of the activities that will be taking place in Gillette and surrounding area during the time we are there. We appear to be meeting at a very special time in the city and can look forward to a number of fun activities in conjunction with our own very important Rally.
Please, register today for the Rally, support your Club and plan a trip to remember.

Public Relations/Rally Promotions; Hazel Knopp #200, Chairman

President John and First Lady Sandy Stumpf invite you to the 57th Wally Byam Caravan Club International Convention/Rally Gillette, Wyoming - June 28-July 4, 2014.
Our theme this year is “THANK YOU VETERANS.”

New this year - Central Happy Hour.
This year we will have a central location for group Happy Hours. The location will be in the Box Elder campground “Middle South Commons Area.” Look for the signs. Bring your chairs, happy hour snacks and refreshments. Open daily to all Rally participants.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so now. We need to count you in the planning process.

Last month we outlined some of the events experienced at previous Rallies. Some we will have again and others will be new, entertaining and interesting.  New seminars, special events and attractions will be outlined in future articles, but at this time let’s look at some interesting events we can enjoy along with our Rally while we are in Gillette.

June 19-20, 2014 - Members arriving early can take part in Wright Days; a great time in a small community environment that will welcome you as you join the residents at the car show, demolition derby, BBQ and ice cream social, always a favorite with Airstream members. You can take part in a 5K run, visit the Wright Museum and enjoy many special exhibits during Wright Days. Enjoy bandmusic and face painting for the children. All this takes place in the town of Wright.  Wright is 1/2 hour to 45 minutes south of Gillette and shares many events in the Campbell County area. For more information on this fun event go to www.wrightwyevents.com/wright-days

June 20 at 7 PM and June 21 at 2 PM, enjoy the Performing Arts Workshop presentation at the Cam-Plex Theatre. This production is the culmination of the “PAW” for youth aged 6 to college students and is produced and supported by professional entertainment directors and coaches. Tickets are available at the Cam-Plex Theatre box office. This year’s 21st anniversary production is entitled Roald Dahl’s - Willy Wonka! Starting June 27 through June 29, the Donkey Creek Festival will be underway at the Gillette College Campus. Check it out at www.facebook.com/donkeycreek-festival for comments and information on this fun filled event of great music, dancing, good food, family events and a car show. Enjoy the Beer Garden to complete the visit.

If you enjoy the rodeo, you will enjoy the cowgirls/cowboys youth Roping and Barrel Racing events. These events take place Thursday evenings adjacent to the Cam-Plex and Box Elder campground. This is a free event and all Airstream members are welcome. Mondays you can enjoy 4H Rodeo timed events with the members of the 4H Club.

Well it looks like a lot is going on that you won’t want to miss in Gillette, but let’s add a walk on the Gillette Art Walk, a trip through Gillette’s Historic Downtown, a visit to the Campbell County Rockpile Museum to experience this local history centre exhibiting Native American artifacts, rifles, horse drawn-vehicles, early homesteading, ranching and current mining practices just to name a few of the exhibits. Add to this coal mine tours, energy equipment displays, concerts in the park, golf, Devils Tower climbing wall, waterpark, Durham Buffalo Ranch, wildlife/history loop tours and the ever present antelope roaming freely as you travel downtown for shopping or various Airstream events.

Back at the Rally Events, June 27, 2014, will be a night to honor our Veterans with a special program. June 29, we enjoy a special Gillette Night with entertainment by Kenny Miller in his “Super Stars Super Show” and his amazing tribute to legendary greats like: Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Lots more Rally entertainment to come!

This will be an interesting busy Rally or it can be a relaxing Rally to sit and visit with new and old friends - your choice. Make a decision to register for your International Rally, Gillette, Wyoming June 28-July 4, 2014.
This is a Rally and a trip you should not miss. Join us - registration information is available at

 Public Relations/Rally Promotions; Hazel Knopp #200, Chairman


Over the last couple of months, we have looked at a number of events you can enjoy at the Rally along with places to visit before, after and during the Rally.  This is a great area to visit and I sincerely hope you are planning or have joined one of the many Unit, Region or group caravans heading for Gillette. Besides the many beautiful and interesting places to visit in the area, we have a number of very interesting new seminars to enjoy this year.
Kudos to Darrell Waters, Seminar Coordinator, for his efforts at contacting the Gillette Police Department, who have agreed to support our Rally with a number of presentations.

We will enjoy two separate K9 detection demonstrations and if you have not seen these amazing dogs work with their handlers, you are in for a real treat. These animals are amazing and true partners to the officers. While they are true working professionals, they are beautiful animals that bring such a feeling of trust and warmth. My personal memory of such a demonstration was watching the dog respond not only to his handler, but the dog’s reaction to the police car radio that brought him to immediate attention and being prepared to go to work. This is a must to enjoy seminar.

Further support from the Gillette Police Service will provide Rally attendees with a program on computer safety and another program on safety on the road. We can expect that both programs will be professionally presented with up to the minute technology and information.

Enjoy a seminar on “The History of the Gillette Area” presented by Mary Kelly who will share her vast knowledge of the development of this interesting area.

Support this time from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department as they present a very interesting, timely seminar on the ten most common frauds across the country, very likely in both our countries. Many times these frauds are directed at people just like you the members; information of this type is invaluable.

How about one more NEW seminar presented by the Sheriff’s Department, this one presented by the “Bomb Squad”. This should peak your curiosity providing an interesting program that most of us will not have experienced in the past.

The ever popular Vintage Parade will take place on June 24, 2014 arriving with flags flying and music playing at the Rally site at approximately 11:00 AM. The VAC will be gathering at Bi-Centennial Park no later than 10:00 AM. They will travel east along Warlow Drive to Brooks Drive turning south to West 2nd. From there they will travel east for two blocks taking Douglas Highway south to Boxelder Road through the heart of downtown. Watch for the parade to arrive travelling east on Boxelder Road to enter the Rally site; be there to welcome these beautifully maintained Vintage Airstreams.

Add to this a full youth program again this year - something for all ages. Also new this year, visit the “Central Happy Hour” location; look for the Party Place signs and the Red Flags. Bring your chairs, happy hour snack and beverage of choice – meet new and old friends. Maybe some of our talented musicians will consider a jam session. If you haven’t registered, do so now; this is a Rally that promises a good time for all. Join us - registration information is available at http://wbcci.org/home/rallies-carava/international-rally

Public Relations/Rally Promotions; Hazel Knopp #200, Chairman

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