WHY JOIN WBCCI?     There are many reasons:

  • Live life more fully with your Airstream and over 5800 others whose owners are "Living the Airstream Dream." 
  • Take advantage of weekend or week-long rallies, economical caravans through every corner of North America, and Airstream-only campgrounds in several states.  WBCCI members are welcome to attend any unit’s rally or caravan across the United States and Canada.
  • Wherever you go, you are welcomed by friends and surrounded by members who know the ins-and-outs of Airstreams and life on the road and are always willing to share their knowledge and camaraderie.


Click on your Region (Area) to view units and upcoming events in your area

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Or, you can download the membership application, then send it with your International and Unit or Member At Large dues to :

WBCCI Headquarters, PO Box 612

Jackson Center, OH 45334

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International Club Dues: $65 per year

Plus either:

Unit Dues:  $1-$25, with each of the 120 WBCCI Units in North America setting their own dues.  See unit sections for more information about units in your geographical area.  There are no fixed boundaries for unit membership, but it is highly recommended that new members join a unit to maximize the benefits of club membership, i.e. new friends, new adventures and more fun with your Airstream.  

TO JOIN A UNIT:Click on the Regions map (above) according to your geographical area. You will see a listing of units, including contact information for the Membership Chairperson and yearly dues of the units located in your area.  You can join on-line or contact the unit's Membership Chairperson or WBCCI Membership Director, Julie Rethman, at 937-596-5211 or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Either will be happy to assist you.


Member At Large Dues: $20 per year


Note: WBCCI membership dues are based on a calendar year.  However, those who join  between July 1st and December 31st  are members for the remainder of the current year and the following calendar year.


  • An open invitation to join all WBCCI unit, region and national rallies and caravans, the heart of WBCCI. 
  • Courtesy Parking: Free overnight parking at homes of members who offer this service. 
  • Discounted Campsites
  • Two to eight week Unit and International Caravans at 50% less than commercial caravans
  • 10 issues of the club magazine, “Blue Beret”
  • Informational Emails from the Communications Committee
  • Annual Directory of all club members and activities
  • Vintage, Classic and Free-Wheelers (singles) intraclubs  - Members sharing specialized interests
  • Youth Activities
  • Medical Air Evacuation Insurance Discounts from SkyMed
  • RV Insurance Discounts with RV Advantage through Farm & City Insurance

Join WBCCI Today.  New friends are eager to greet you.