I picked up these numbers today while investigating info on tuning my father-in-laws cb antenna.  The author probably has good basis for his report and provides an interesting comparison of antenna length to power.  While we were at AES in Orlando a couple of months ago during our Club’s Ham-A-Rally I was shopping some antennas. The sales hams in the store told me the obvious, length makes a difference.

Here are some numbers from an article entitled, “How does an antenna size affect my CB radio?to paint the picture a little more precisely:

  • If you put 4 watts into a four-foot antenna, you will get the same power out of that antenna as if you were putting 2 watts into a 102-inch whip.
  • If you put 4 watts into a 3-foot antenna you will get the same power out as if you wre putting about 1.5 watts into a 102-inch whip.
  • If you put 4 watts into a 7.5 inch antenna on a hand held CB, it would put out as much power as a third of a watt into a 102-whip.
  • If you put 4 watts into a 102-inch whip antenna, it is the same output as if you put 11 watts into a 3-foot whip.
  • If you put 4 watts into a 102-inch whip antenna,, it is the same as if you put 14 watts into a 28-inch antenna.
  • If you put 4 watts into a 102-inch whip antenna, it is the same as if you put 54 watts into a 7.5 antenna.
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History of International RV Service Net

The Amateur Radio Club of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International is the sponsoring organization of the “International RV Service Net System.”

The Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1963 by Earl Johnston W0ICV, as the “Airstream Net”. At that time its membership consisted of hams who owned Airstream travel trailers and were members of the trailer club which was formed by and named after Wally Byam, the originator of the Airstream travel trailer. The club has in recent years reorganized and expanded its operations in order to serve all amateurs interested in Recreational Vehicles and in travel.

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Divine Design Badges has our club's badge logo and does a fine job creating call sign name badges for our members.

Her prices are reasonable, delivery is rapid. Click on the highlighted file below to view the order form. You can print it, fill it out, and mail it to her.

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The RV Service Net operates directed nets throughout the week, and nets are on 40 meters and 20 meters.

Note the East Coast 40 meter net is on 7191kHz.

See the Net schedules page for more information.  See also the Log Form for Check-Ins.

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For use for EMERGENCY or priority traffic only.  
W8OI Garry 304-733-1300 304-617-2016 (cell)

KD7S Bill

559-875-8985 Pacific Coast




Intended primarily for use by persons having a need to contact travelers on caravans.  
May be reproduced by WBCCI Caravan leaders.
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