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Dear Friends,
Raisin and I are pleased to announce three new additions to the family. At the Mid-Winter meeting of the IBT at Rayne, Louisiana, three new Units were granted official charters, the Lake Tahoe Airstream Club, Utah’s Wasatch Airstream Club, and the WBCCI Europe Unit. Congratulations to you all, and welcome to the growing WBCCI family.

We are also pleased to announce that the 59th International Rally/Convention to be held this coming June in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley, in the Appalachian Mountains, near Lewisburg, West Virginia is “almost” sold out. By “almost”, I mean that all 660 full amenities sites have been spoken for, but we can offer ‘dry camping’ at a reduced rate...the registration form is in the Blue Beret and online. Dry campers will be parked on mowed grass, have access to nearby showers and restrooms and a chance on a standby list to get a full amenities site, if one becomes available, with payment of the balance of the full rally fee.

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, in part, that in this age and in this country, perception and public sentiment are everything. With them, nothing can fail. Without them, nothing can succeed. In my opinion, perception is the key word...how people see things. For example, picture this: You awaken as the first dawning rays of the sun gently warm your face. Through the open windows of your Airstream, the fresh mountain breeze fills your senses with the scent of freshly cut grass. As you open your door, a small rabbit playfully hops out from under your neighbor’s trailer to greet you, and the world comes alive. A short stroll brings you to an inviting and refreshing hot shower, and soon you’re ready to begin the day’s great adventures. That’s one perception of dry camping in Lewisburg. Well, it could be...

We’re about seven months now into my term as president. My perception is that everything is looking pretty good.  Membership is up, we have new units, including the first in Europe with the promise of more to come, dialogue is ongoing with the RVIA to share resources with other RV clubs, such as information on rally sites, vendors, entertainers and best practices, improvements in our electronic management capabilities have been and are being implemented rapidly at Jackson Center thanks to our own ECC and HQ staff and the Rally at Lewisburg is coming along nicely, thanks to our corporate staff, our good friends at Airstream and at the West Virginia State Fairgrounds, and the many volunteers without whom the rally couldn’t happen. Thanks to you all...and a special thanks to the ladies at Headquarters...Lori, Julie, Deb and Megan...they are the voice, the heart and the friendly faces of WBCCI.

So, if everything is looking good, why don’t I sleep well at night? I blame it on worry...worry that something could go wrong. Raisin says my restless nights are caused by my nightly snack of ice cream and/or cookies. Now everyone knows that ice cream and cookies are two of the major food groups necessary for producing a good attitude...and a waistline. So, I’m going to carefully ignore her comments and blame it on worry, but there’s really no need for worry...Higher Authority assures me that everything is going to be OK.

My perception...a smile, some laughter, some patience, some tolerance, some kind words, a little love, some ice cream and/or cookies...all help in how we see things. In other words, every day should be like Valentine’s Day...and everyone your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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