Richard April 2017 President's Corner

Recently we sent to everyone information about the new calendar that has been put into service on the club’s website. Having traveled across North America for the past several years, I asked the ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) if it would be possible to have a club calendar that would list all the club events that are happening on any given day. Damon Beals and the very talented members of his committee put their heads together and came up with the calendar that was recently announced. Populating the calendar was no small chore either. The ECC teamed up with the staff in Jackson Center to input all the data. Looking at this calendar will easily show you the number of different events that our members have an opportunity to participate in. Each region will be updating their information in the future to keep the calendar current and to let our members know where and when to plan their next adventure. This is a great tool for our club and I would like to thank again, all the team players who made this happen.

We are continuing to work on all the details that make an International Rally happen. I have been answering questions and posting as much information as possible on the “Escanaba 2017 Airstream WBCCI International Rally” Facebook page. If you don’t do Facebook, there is plenty of information on the club’s website. Go to the “Activity” pulldown, select “International Rally” and click on “2017 Escanaba, MI”. If you have a question and you can’t find an answer at either of these online locations, please contact the staff at the club’s headquarters. Jan and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in Escanaba!

Travel safe,

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