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Our Dues Work Hard:

Membership numbers are on the rise and why wouldn’t they, with the Airstream Company breaking sales and production records? When the Airstream Company does well, businesses depending upon them also do well. WBCCI is no exception.

WBCCI is showing strong growth in recruitment and retention of members which helps increase the Club’s revenue. What effect does increased dues revenue have on the Club? Member dues represent 77 percent of the Club’s annual income with the remainder coming from advertising revenue. More revenue means the Club can spend more on member services and marketing.

We’re frequently asked how member dues are used. Many of the International Club’s expenses are nearly constant each year. Examples include insurance, staffing, taxes, utilities and International Board meetings. Over half of annual expenses are for membership services and publications like the Blue Beret and Membership Directory.  Some of the expenses vary according to the number of new members gained in a year. These include new member packets with badges and our big red numbers.

The Club has been hard at work identifying means to increase value to members. The Blue Beret magazine look and feel are improving and will continue to show better content and layout. Both internet and office data services are a vital part of the Club’s continued success. Recent improvements on the website include the really nifty calendar widget and expanded content in other areas.

The Club has long relied upon volunteer contributions for graphics, data management, and web development. Club leadership is committed to continued improvement in these areas but can’t depend on volunteers alone for the demanding technical services. These areas are a major opportunity to communicate with members and will increasingly require professional services.

Your Board is looking at ways to reduce unnecessary annual expenses while improving the service you deserve. The Club can do this with smarter use of electronic communications, effective planning of officer travel to regional and special rallies, and through controlling costs of semiannual Board meetings.

The WBCCI leadership team is working hard to give you the best return on your dues dollars. Thank you for your continued trust and investment in your Wally Byam Airstream Club. In return I sincerely hope you find the Club is the very best way you can find to maximize your Airstreaming adventure. I’d like to know how you think the club can help you in Living The Dream. Please let me know by writing to me at
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