Richard march 2017 President's Corner

In case you were not aware, there is a significant lead time for articles in the Blue Beret, so happy Groundhog Day to everyone, again. It was a sunny day in Dewey, Arizona and I did see my shadow, but I am not sure what that really means.

The Winter IBT was great! Barbara Vaughn and the Region 11 team did a fantastic job and put together a fun event with tasty meals and wonderful entertainment. The weather was challenging, but when you have the luxury of the best RV on the planet, it is not a big deal. Thank you, Region 11!

One of the things we did not do at the IBT was to approve any Unit name changes. At the meeting, I read the following statement: Currently, Thor Industries, the parent company of Airstream Inc. is reviewing the use of the Airstream name by all outside entities. They have advised us to postpone any further use of the Airstream name until the review has been completed. Because of this, all name change motions will be shelved until Thor tells us we can proceed. This action does not change in any way our partnership with Airstream. We will be contacting those Units with name change motions when this situation changes.

There were several other motions that were sent to committee for review. Sending a motion to a committee does not mean that the motion was good or bad. It means that the members of the board would like to take a closer look at the motion and make a recommendation to the board later. I established two committees that will report back to the board at the July IBT Meeting in Escanaba.

Speaking of Escanaba, Jan wanted me to remind you to bring those pop-tabs to the International or give them to someone who is going. Horace Evans has reported declining numbers for the past several years and we need to turn that around. All the money from the pop-tabs goes to support the Ronald McDonald House.

Travel safe,

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