richard oct 2016 President's Corner

According to the calendar, summer has officially ended. The leaves are changing and migratory birds like the snow goose are
on the way South. In many locations, this is a great time to get out and enjoy your Airstream.

Did you ever wonder how many days our members are out Airstreaming at club events? On a recent trip home to Arizona from
Minnesota I began to run some numbers in my mind. Remember, these are just estimates, your mileage may differ. We have around 120 units who average six events a year, each event is an average of 3.5 days long. This adds up to 2500 days or almost seven years of being with friends and enjoying the Airstream lifestyle. If you then add Region Rallies, National/Special Event Rallies and Caravans, you will have around 10 years of events every year. Our club has a lot to offer, pick an event and have a great time!

Recently on social media, the topic of collecting pull tabs was discussed. Horace Evans has been sorting and packing pull tabs at
the International Rally for many years. He and his committee do a great job and we are all grateful for the work they do for this great cause. The money collected from the sale of these tabs goes to the Ronald McDonald House which provides housing for the parents of children while they are undergoing surgery. Because the number of tabs collected has been dropping every year, Jan and I would like to remind everyone to save those tabs and bring them to the International Rally. If you are not going to the International Rally, please give the tabs to someone who is going or sell the tabs locally and forward the money to the club office making sure it is clearly labeled pull tab donation. Let’s make 2017 a great year for pull tabs!

Travel safe,

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