• So it's another RV club . . . who gains by my joining it?
  • YOU DO . . . it's a FUN club . . . a non-profit corporation for Airstream owners, dedicated to the spirit of friendship and common interest in RV traveling.

  • Tell me more about the club.
  • Well . . . it all started back in 1952 when some Airstream Caravanners got together for old times sake, following the first and famous Wally Byam Caravan to Central America the winter of '51-'52. You see, the Caravanners were becoming quite a group because the caravans led by Wally were now becoming an annual trek into Mexico. They talked of organizing a club which they felt would bring them together between their winter tours to Mexico. They felt that they could, perhaps, perpetuate throughout the summer the fun and fellowship that they had found in their winter travels with Wally. 

    But it wasn't until July 1955, during Caravan #6, the first Wally Byam Caravan to Eastern Canada that a group of 39 organized, elected temporary officers and appointed a committee to draw up a constitution. In ten days it was adopted and in another ten, the first "membership" meeting was held. Holding the charter membership open for those who were out on caravan, the next meeting was held during the Airstream Company November Rally at Palm Springs, which brought the charter membership to 55.

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