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Dear members,
Years ago, when you went to the movies, before the feature movie was shown, there was a newsreel that showed
what had happened, a preview of coming attractions which showed what was coming, a few commercials and then
a little jingle that invited you to...“Let’s all go to the lobby”...to buy snacks during the intermission.

If you remember that, heaven help you...you’re as old as I am.

This article follows the same format as the old “movies.” First the newsreel...

Raisin and I attended the Pennsylvania State Rally in September in Harrisville, PA, hosted by the Al-Mon-O PA
Unit. A great rally and we met so many friendly folks. Had a lot of fun, but as usual, I ate too much. Next we went to Sugarcreek, Ohio, for the Swiss Festival. Another great rally and we had a really super time. Plan on attending this rally, Airstreamers...this is one for your bucket list. We met a lot of friendly folks...and as usual, I ate too much. Amish food, bean soup, good restaurants, Airstream ladies’ cooking...how can you keep from eating too much? We spent a few days at the WBCCI corporate office at Jackson Center, Ohio, at the new and really beautiful corporate offices of Airstream and a few days at Lewisburg, West Virginia, taking care of business.

Now, the preview of coming attractions...

At the time of this writing, Raisin and I are headed for the Region 6 Rally at Picayune, Mississippi...I know it’s going to be another great rally. With Cajun and Southern cooking, I know I’ll probably eat too much again. Well, winter’s coming and I’ll need the insulation.

This is supposed to be kept confidential, (so please don’t tell anyone) but Airstream motorhome owners just might hear some good news from Airstream sometime soon...but you didn’t hear this from me.
It’s also possible that WBCCI will soon have a new unit or units in Europe...this you did hear from me...more info later.

Now for the commercials...

I asked you to sign up early for the 2016 Lewisburg, West Virginia Rally to receive full hook-ups. Did you ever!! Wow!! We have reached that 500 number... but not to worry...those registering over that 500 number will still receive full amenities but will have scheduled black water pump-outs instead of sewer. If you plan on attending, please register soon. At some point, we will run out of room...in spite of the fairgrounds intense efforts to build more full service sites before the Rally date. Thank you all...I’m overwhelmed by your response.

Now for the jingles...as in Holiday Bells...
Raisin and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving...and since the Blue Beret is not published in December or January...we now wish you all Happy Holidays...Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza...and a happy,
healthy and prosperous New Year.


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