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Hello everyone,

Raisin and I were getting ready to go somewhere and as usual it was taking her a lot of time to get ready. I waited impatiently. Finally, she was ready and in an angry fit of annoyance I blurted “Well! It’s about time!!!” (I might have said a few other things.) I found out quickly that it is all about time...like, when will she be speaking to me again? Oh, well...silence is golden.

Let’s talk about getting ready. This is October. Time to get ready for winter. In parts of the land, some folks are getting ready to put their Airstreams away for a long winter’s nap...other folks are getting ready to head their Airstreams to a warmer climate...others, in areas that don’t see much winter weather, are getting ready for rallies and installations of new officers. Have you thought about getting ready to be one of those new officers? Your Club needs you...consider volunteering now. I’m not trying to make anyone angry by preaching here...but I do want to make you mad... mad as in M.A.D....Make A Difference. I know, and you know, that you can make a difference by volunteering.

Have you seen the new advertising post cards that WBCCI is distributing? They’re beautiful...they make me want to get ready, buy an Airstream, join the Club and hit the road...but I’ve already done all that! Hopefully they will have the same effect on all who see them. Thanks to Mona in Region 10 for her part in their creation and thanks to Lori at headquarters for her part in the Club’s acquisition of them. These cards will serve our Club well, and make a difference.

Remember, the Mid-Winter International Board of Trustees meeting will be held January 10–14, 2016 at the Rayne Civic Center, in historic Rayne, Louisiana. It’s about Club business but, in a fun-filled Cajun Theme Rally. Get ready for fun!

October 31st is Halloween...time to get ready for trick or treat. Every year, I buy a lot of candy, put it in a big bowl by the front door, and on Halloween night, I wait for kids to ring my doorbell. But we live in the country. The closest neighbor lives a considerable distance away. No kids ever come on trick or treat night...only possums and raccoons...and they come trick or treating almost every night. The point of this story? No point, just wanted to remind you to get ready for Halloween.

It’s a little early for a “State-of-the-Club” report, but, I am pleased with the progress our Club is making, and hope that you are, too. Sometimes, probably like you, I feel that improvements, especially with our use of technology, are too slow in coming. But then I remember what a good friend in the ECC once told me. “It takes time to turn a battleship!” Progress is being made.

If you would like to comment, advise, suggest or if you just want to chat...e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mi computer time, su computer time...

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