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  1. You can use this form to join WBCCI or renew your current membership. If you need assistance, contact the Membership TEAM, at 937-596-5211 or e-mail They will be happy to assist you. During the registration process, if the "NEXT" button does not advance you to the next page, look for an "invalid input" UNDERNEATH a field with missing or mis-formatted data. The asterisk (*) indicates a required field.
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  5. If you are a past member of WBCCI, please fill out the following:
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  1. Many of our members are requesting a specific set of numbers for their trailer or motorhome. The reasons are varied but include reissuing a set of ghosted numbers on a vintage trailer, for example. Numbers are gladly reissued provided that they are not currently issued to someone else. Please choose a number between 1000 and 32000. Numbers lower then 1000 are reserved for club officers. If you are hoping to have a specific set of numbers reissued to you, please fill out the following information:
  2. Request Specific WBCCI Numbers
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  3. 2nd Choice for Numbers
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  4. 3rd Choice for Numbers
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  5. If the numbers chosen above are not available, headquarters will assign a membership number
  1. WBCCI International Dues
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  2. When you press Submit, you will be taken to PayPal where you can complete your transaction.

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