jim-photo  President's Corner

Dear Friends:
I’ve searched for a proper way to express my gratitude to you all for letting me be a part of this great Club, this family of friends. It doesn’t seem enough to just say “thank you,” but from my heart a sincere “Thank You” to everyone for this honor.

I am very fortunate to work this coming year with an efficient and progressive headquarters staff, a great group of knowledgeable officers on the Board of Trustees and skilled and dedicated members of the Electronic Communications Committee.

Together we will continue to implement advances in technology at headquarters and throughout the Club to facilitate the handling of the business of the Club.

We are a social club that is a corporation and the product of that corporation is fun, fellowship and lasting friendships for our members.

To that end, I will ask the Board of Trustees to consider the following:

  1. Encourage the formation of more caravans, more special event and national event rallies and a new category, special rallies not linked to a specific event.
  2. Encourage Units and Regions to plan rallies designed to attract and retain members.
  3. Pursue expansion of the Club into countries where there is a significant Airstream presence.
  4. Strengthen the Club’s ties with Airstream and with Thor.
  5. Initiate dialogue and perhaps shared events with other RV organizations.


This will be a very challenging and very interesting year. With that in mind, I chose a theme or slogan for the 2015-2016 Club year, a simple statement of fact, “Because We Can!”

If we all work together, this family of friends, we can make this great Club even greater - “Because We Can!”


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