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This is my next-to-last article as your President. As you read this, my time in office as an international President will be drawing to a close. The three years I have been an officer in WBCCI have been enjoyable. I learned a lot, had some fun and accomplished a few things. I’m not sorry I ran for office, in fact, if the Constitution allowed it, I really wouldn’t mind serving a few more years.

I must admit I’ve had some disappointments and mostly
these are connected with the things left undone. There were some areas that I thought were problems and I wanted to fix them. I wanted to leave the club in far better shape; still in fact, I think WBCCI may be facing some larger issues now than when I took office as third VP. I had some small successes but there are still many things to do. I could make some excuses; blame circumstances, blame the stubborn resistance to change of many members, blame the system that only gives me one year and the list goes on.

The truth is I could’ve done more. This is the usual observation of Monday morning quarterbacks. I know now that an officer needs to begin very early in their term to develop a vision for they want the club to be and a plan to get there. Not doing this leaves us in the position of reacting to crisis rather than being in control of our future. I’m just now beginning to have a full and accurate vision and I am finished with my term in office. I found that, for me, it was not really possible to know enough about the nature of our situation and the issues involved to completely develop a vision at the time I entered office. The vision I should have had a year before I started my term.

Still, I look forward to the future of the club with great optimism. I have faith in you and I know that the club will find its way forward to a bigger and brighter future. It will do so in spite of the issues and problems it might face; it will do so because of the ability of our upcoming leaders and because of the dedication and loyalty of its members. My time is too short for me to take on any of the big issues but I am not important to the future of the club, that would be you, the membership and leadership of tomorrow. You will succeed, you must succeed, because what we have here is too great to be allowed to fail.

I really want to thank you for electing me, supporting me, helping me and putting up with my mistakes. Some of you have donated many hours to the club this past year and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Without you, nothing could have been done. It is you, the membership, who makes his club great and I want to thank you all.

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