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How did RVing become such a widespread and desirableway to get a little extra out of life? This is the question I have asked myself from time to time. There’s no particular moment or event we can look to and say “That’s it! That’s where it all began.” Rather it came about in small steps over a long period of time.

Early man was likely to get together a kit and travel to aplace he wanted to visit; maybe it was an event he wanted to attend, a trading get together, harvesting camas roots, hunting buffalo or taking advantage of the salmon run. This desire to travel, to see and do things that aren’t routine seems to be a part of man from the earliest of times. Given time and means most “will take a trip.”  Taking a trip in our RVs is more fun when we are part of a really great club. Fellow club members work hard to facilitate our rallies and caravans thus providing us with opportunities to share travels with those of like interests.

As to RVing as it is today, there can be no doubt that much is owed to the founder of Airstream, Wally Byam!  He was among the pioneers who realized that the travel trailer offered a great potential for long and comfortable trips. From humble beginnings, we have what for many of us has become a life-altering capability; a way to comfortably visit so many natural wonders, great festivals and sample the way of life in other sections of our great country.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WALLY!! And thank you, your dream has beyond all doubt greatly enriched my life.

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